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Palomar Pictures

Production company
Status : defunct
Founded : 1992
Closed : Mar 2003
Country : USA

Little is known about this company. If you can provide missing information (founders, dates of activity, etc.) please do let us know.

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76 videos are currently listed for this company:
  Jan 2003-- the All-American Rejects-- Swing, swing-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Jan 2003-- Fat Joe-- All I need-- Dir: Gina Bythewood
  Jan 2003-- Trapt-- Headstrong [version 1]-- Dir: Brian Scott Weber
  Jul 2002-- Weezer-- Keep fishin'-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Jun 2002-- Weezer-- Dope nose-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  May 2002-- Anastacia-- Boom-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Apr 2002-- Andrew WK-- She is beautiful-- Dir: Alexander Kosta & Andrew WK
  Dec 2001-- De La Soul-- Baby phat-- Dir: Darren Grant
  Nov 2001-- Michael Jackson-- Cry-- Dir: Nicholas Brandt
  Sep 2001-- Everclear-- Rockstar-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Sep 2001-- Andrew WK-- Party hard-- Dir: Alexander Kosta & Andrew WK
  Aug 2001-- System of a Down-- Chop Suey!-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Aug 2001-- Trickside-- Under you-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Jul 2001-- Lifehouse-- Sick cycle carousel-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Jul 2001-- Weezer-- Island in the Sun [version 1: wedding]-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Jun 2001-- Union Underground-- Revolution man-- Dir: Shawn Foster
  Jun 2001-- Aerosmith-- Fly away from here-- Dir: Joseph Kahn
  May 2001-- Spineshank-- New disease-- Dir: Shawn Foster
  May 2001-- Stabbing Westward-- So far away-- Dir: Shawn Foster
  May 2001-- Weezer-- Hash pipe-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Apr 2001-- Samantha Mumba-- Baby come over (this is our night)-- Dir: Todd Kellstein
  Mar 2001-- Jurassic 5-- The influence-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Jan 2001-- Black Eyed Peas-- Request line [version 1]-- Dir: Joseph Kahn
   2001-- Jewel-- Standing still-- Dir: Darren Grant
   2001-- Lifehouse-- Breathing-- Dir: Marcos Siega
   2001-- I am-- Dir: Marcos Siega
   2001-- Boy Hits Car-- Man without skin-- Dir: Shawn Foster
   2001-- the Crystal Method-- Murder-- Dir: Marcos Siega
  Nov 2000-- Grandaddy-- The crystal lake-- Dir: Jake & Jim
  Oct 2000-- Grand Theft Audio-- Stoopid ass-- Dir: Shawn Foster
  Oct 2000-- Moby-- Southside-- Dir: Joseph Kahn
  Aug 2000-- Sinead O'Connor-- Jealous-- Dir: Mike Lipscombe
  Apr 2000-- Elliot Smith-- Son of Sam-- Dir: Autumn DeWilde
   1999-- Triggerpimp-- Medicine-- Dir: John Richards
  Oct 1998-- Lenny Kravitz-- I belong to you-- Dir: Mark Seliger & Fred Woodward
  Dec 1997-- Oasis-- All around the world-- Dir: Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris
  Nov 1997-- Aaliyah-- Journey to the past-- Dir: Mark Gerard
  Oct 1997-- DJ Shadow-- High noon-- Dir: Brian Cross
  Sep 1997-- Matthew Ryan-- Guilty-- Dir: Just Loomis
  Sep 1997-- the Wallflowers-- Three Marlenas-- Dir: Big TV!
  Aug 1997-- Milestone-- I care 'bout you-- Dir: Mark Gerard
  Jul 1997-- James Taylor-- Enough to be on your way-- Dir: David Mirkin
  Jun 1997-- Seven Mary Three-- Make up your mind-- Dir: Tim Pope
  May 1997-- Steve Winwood-- Spy in the house of love-- Dir: Mark Gerard
  Apr 1997-- DJ Shadow-- Midnight in a perfect world-- Dir: Brian Cross
  Mar 1997-- Shawn Colvin-- Sunny came home-- Dir: Mark Seliger & Fred Woodward
  Aug 1996-- Iggy Pop-- Lust for life-- Dir: Danny Boyle
  Jul 1996-- Sprung Monkey-- Good times-- Dir: Geoff Moore
  Apr 1996-- Janet Jackson-- Twenty foreplay-- Dir: Keir McFarlane
  Mar 1996-- Take That-- How deep is your love?-- Dir: Nicholas Brandt
  Feb 1996-- Sting-- Let your soul be your pilot-- Dir: Emmanuel Carlier
   1996-- Tori Amos-- Cornflake girl [version 2: Europe]-- Dir: Big TV!
   1996-- the Cardigans-- Lovefool [version 2: USA]-- Dir: Geoff Moore
  Dec 1995-- Lenny Kravitz-- Circus [version 1]-- Dir: Ruven Afanador
  Oct 1995-- Whitney Houston-- Exhale (Shoop Shoop)-- Dir: Forest Whitaker
  Jul 1995-- Kylie Minogue-- Where is the feeling?-- Dir: Keir McFarlane
  Jun 1995-- Madonna-- Human nature-- Dir: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
  Mar 1995-- Janet Jackson-- Whoops now-- Dir: Yuri Elizondo
  Jan 1995-- the Black Crowes-- High head blues-- Dir: Michel Gondry
  Nov 1994-- Janet Jackson-- You want this-- Dir: Keir McFarlane
  Nov 1994-- Kylie Minogue-- Put yourself in my place-- Dir: Keir McFarlane
  Sep 1994-- Live-- I alone [version 1]-- Dir: Tim Pope
  Sep 1994-- Madonna-- Secret-- Dir: Melodie McDaniel
  Jul 1994-- Seal-- Kiss from a rose [version 1]-- Dir: Joel Schumacher
  Feb 1994-- Me'Shell Ndege'ocello-- If that's your boyfriend (he wasn't last night)-- Dir: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
   1994-- Bjork-- Violently happy-- Dir: Jean-Baptiste Mondino
   1994-- C+C Music Factory-- Do you wanna get funky?-- Dir: Keir McFarlane
  Dec 1993-- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-- Mary Jane's last dance-- Dir: Keir McFarlane
  Nov 1993-- Catherine Wheel-- Show me Mary 
  Oct 1993-- Peter Gabriel-- Kiss that frog-- Dir: Brett Leonard
  Jun 1993-- Billy Idol-- Shock to the system-- Dir: Brett Leonard
  May 1993-- Janet Jackson-- That's the way love goes-- Dir: Rene Elizondo
  May 1993-- Porno for Pyros-- Cursed female-- Dir: Melodie McDaniel
  Apr 1993-- Terence Trent d'Arby-- She kissed me-- Dir: Michel Gondry
  Jan 1993-- the Cranberries-- Linger-- Dir: Melodie McDaniel
   1993-- Donald Fagen-- Snowbound-- Dir: Michel Gondry

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