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HSI London

Production company
Status : defunct
Founded : 1 Jan 2006
Closed : 2015
Country : UK
Previously known as Exposure Films (2002-2005).

A division of the US-based company HSI Productions.

Click here to list all videos that HSI London is known to have been involved with.

Latest videos

Directors who have worked with HSI London:

Hanna Elin Ahman (2006-?), Arni & Kinski (2006-?), KT Auleta, Adam Bartley (2006-?), Samuel Bayer (2006-?), Trudy Bellinger (2006), Nathalie Canguilhem, Jim Canty, Barney Clay (2006-?), Chris Cottam, Robert Hales (2006-?), Douglas Hart, Michael Haussman (2006-?), Simon Henwood (2006-?), Erica Herbert (2006-?), Paul Hunter (2006-?), Andy Hylton (2006-?), Jake & Jim (2006-?), Joseph Kahn (2006-?), Dan Knight (2006-?), David LaChapelle (2006-?), Yoann Lemoine, Mr. X (2006-?), Malloys, Chino Moya, Thomas Napper (2006-?), Ben Reed, Rojo (2006-?), Matthew Rolston (2006-?), the Saline Project (2006-?), Phil Sansom, Mike Simpson, Filip Sterckx, Jamie Thraves, Max Vitali, Matthew Walker, Olly Williams.

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