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Overview Productions

Production company
Status : unknown

Little is known about this company. If you can provide missing information (founders, dates of activity, etc.) please do let us know.

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9 videos are currently listed for this company:
  May 1986-- Sawyer Brown-- Shakin'-- Dir: Martin Kahan
  Mar 1986-- Sawyer Brown-- Heart don't fall now-- Dir: Martin Kahan
  Feb 1986-- Heart-- These dreams-- Dir: Jeff Stein
  Dec 1985-- Jan Hammer-- Miami Vice Theme-- Dir: Joel Goodman
  Oct 1985-- the Cars-- Tonight she comes-- Dir: Jeff Stein
  Sep 1985-- Carly Simon-- My new boyfriend-- Dir: Jeff Stein
  Aug 1985-- Emo Philips-- Downtown Downers Grove-- Dir: Colin Chilvers
  Jun 1985-- Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-- Make it better (forget about me)-- Dir: Jeff Stein
  Mar 1985-- 'til tuesday-- Voices carry-- Dir: D.J. Webster

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