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Propaganda Films

Production company
Status : defunct
Founded : 1986
Closed : Sep 2001
Founders : Golin, Sighvatsson, Gold,
Fincher, Dick & Sena
Country : USA
Propaganda was one of the oldest and most important companies to make music videos. For quite a long time, it managed to remain one of the main driving forces in the music video industry. Then September 11 came along and the company was forced to shutdown soon afterward.

Propaganda was founded in the 80's by Nigel Dick, David Fincher, Greg Gold, Steve Golin, Dominic Sena and Joni Sighvatsson.

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Directors who have worked with Propaganda Films:

Dante Ariola (?-2001), Vaughan Arnell (?-2001), Michael Bay (?-2001), Paul Boyd (?-2001), Nigel Dick, Rene Eller (?-2001), David Fincher, Antoine Fuqua (?-2001), Andrea Giacobbe (?-2001), Greg Gold, Steven Hanft (?-2001), Kuntz & Maguire, Marcel Lagenegger (?-2001), Scott Marshall (?-2001), Keir McFarlane (?-2001), Andy Morahan (?-2001), Alex Proyas, Mark Romanek, Stéphane Sednaoui (?-2001), Dominic Sena, Simon West.

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