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Best videos of the week: July 30, 2018

by Alex S. Garcia
August 6, 2018

Our selection of the best music videos released in the previous week.

Published every Monday.

Fakear "Vision"
(director unknown)

This animated video takes the concept of Penrose stairs to the next level.

A city with impossible architecture is populated by cloaked individuals that may well be all clones.

All the characters eventually disintegrate, leaving only their cloaks behind, though in the end a new figure appears, likely starting the cycle all over again.

Sevdaliza "Shahmaran"
Directed by Emmanuel Adjei

A highly symbolic piece, inspired by the myth of Sisyphus, as well as stories from the Bible.

In the desert, a man sets himself free from what seems like a life of enslavement... only to find himself confronting a beautiful alien (or goddess?) in an odd chamber under the mountains.

But all this might well be just a figment of his imagination.

Fresno "Convicção"
Directed by Michel Coeli

As chaos spreads in the streets and the world slowly dies around her, a young girl starts off on a mysterious quest...

It's a chilling video, filled with violence and darkness. But, in the end, hope prevails.

5 Seconds of Summer "Youngblood"
Directed by Frank Borin & Ivanna Borin

What would you do if you could relive your past?

An old Japanese couple get to do just that, but they only have 24 hours. That's not a lot of time to reconnect with your friends or spend some quality time with your wife...

Owl "Believe"
(director unknown)

You look at a picture and there's something oddly off about it. You could have sworn that face was smiling two minutes ago, but now it just looks you straight back in the eyes. Dead serious. It's eerie and usettling... and that's exactly how this video feels.

There are creepy creatures and ghost-like figures throughout, portraying distorted events that constantly hinge on the supernatural. It all creates a pervasive sense of uneasiness.

It almost feels like the video itself might be haunted... and maybe it is.

Jordan Feliz "Changed"
Directed by Max Hsu & Nathan Schneider

Dancing can have powerful therapeutic effects. It's also quite infectious. Kind of like laughing. Toss in a hat with magical powers and you could end up with chaos in the streets... All for the greater good, of course.

Here are some more interesting videos that were released last week and that you may also want to check out.

  • Weathers "Problems"
  • Wale "Black Bonnie"
  • Alt-J "In cold blood"
  • Machine Gun Kelly "Loco"
  • Dead Cross "Church of the motherfuckers"

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