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Best videos of the week: August 13, 2018

by Alex S. Garcia
August 20, 2018

Our selection of the best music videos released in the previous week.

Published every Monday.

JHart "Put it to bed"
Directed by Chuck David Willis

In a distant future, at a time when people can communicate by telepathy, a doctor and her patient experiment with a new type of therapy.

Through the use of a Science-Fiction setting, the video addresses topics of experimental medicine, psychology and sexual identity.

Wiz Khalifa "Hopeless romantic"
Directed by T.K. McKamy

Wiz Khalifa and Swae Lee perform in a world of giant female naked bodies.

In this surreal piece, flesh becomes land while women's curves form hills and mountains...

Greta Van Fleet "When the curtain falls"
Directed by Benjamin Kutsko

This new American band sounds like a revamped and younger version of Led Zeppelin.

In their latest, Science-Fiction-themed video, they play in the desert during an eclipse, while mysterious cloaked figures perform some weird ritual.

And then, slowly, reality starts to shiver...

Janet Jackson "Made for now"
Directed by Dave Meyers

Dizzying camera movements take us through streets and through walls in this video filled with colorful costumes and stellar dancing... But it is from a Jackson, after all, so what else should we expect?

Logic "One day"
Directed by Andy Hines

For those who still think it's OK to separate children from their parents, this video shows the grim reality and projects us into the future to show us some of the possible ramifications, but also the absurdity of the whole thing.

KSI "On point"
Directed by Konstantin & Meji Alabi

A highly stylized video that plays like a mini horror movie, with references to many genre classics (including The Shining).

It's set in a big, dark and eerie mansion where Logan Paul lives with his somewhat odd parents. Then KSI drops by and, guess what? He's pissed and looking for blood... Logan's, preferably.

Here are some more interesting videos that were released last week and that you may also want to check out.

  • Nicki Minaj "Ganja burn"
  • A.J. Mitchell "Girls"
  • Disturbed "Are you ready?"

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