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Goals and motivations is dedicated to the promotion of music videos, while serving as a guide at the same time.


Whether you are a director, a production company, a record label or any other professional linked to the music video industry, can be very useful to you.

  • The Music Video DataBase is free and will eventually include entries for all music video directors and all other industry professionals. If you need to put together a crew to shoot a video, this is the best place to check someone's credentials. To view a person's credits, use our search engine or look up a specific video you know they have worked on and click on the relevant name.

  • Similarly, if you have been asked to make a video for a specific artist and would like to have some information about the band or singer, can be a good starting point. You can quickly check the artist's previous videos and who directed them. will also eventually include short biographies, discographies and links to other sites for those wishing to dig deeper and obtain more information.

  • You can help promote music videos in general, and yourself (or your company) in particular, by sending us any information you can. This will also make the DataBase more complete, accurate and reliable - which would, of course, benefit you just as much as everyone else. For further details, please read this.

  • If you have a Website, you can gain more free (and targeted) exposure on the Web by being mentioned on our links page. Don't forget: is read by fans and viewers as well as many industry professionals. E-mail us your URL and if your site is music video related, we will be happy to add the link.

  • Also, if you are looking for a production company, a director, or other sites about music videos, you may want to check out our links page.


If you like to watch music videos on your favorite network, or if perhaps you would be interested in breaking into music videos yourself, this site can be an invaluable tool for you.

  • Looking for information on the videos from your favorite singer or band? Use our search engine. The Music Video DataBase will eventually include director credits and all kinds of trivia for every music video ever made. You can also search for video titles to find that specific song you like, if you can't remember who performed it.

  • You can help the DataBase grow by sending us any data you may have that is not currently available on the site -- even video descriptions or trivia information. Anyone submitting information will of course be properly credited on the credits page. Note: Sending us just the name of an artist and the title of one song without any actual information on the video itself does not help forward the work done on the DataBase and thus will not be mentioned on the credits page. And please make sure you do a search before you submit anything.

  • If you have a website of your own, and if it is music video related, you can gain more (targeted) exposure by being listed on our links page. (Please do keep in mind that we will only link to sites which are truly relevant). E-mail us your URL and we will be happy to add a link to your site.

  • For those wishing to break into music videos, you'll find our links page very helpful as it contains many links to production companies. However, we would not recommend trying this to anyone who doesn't already have some sort of experience, and an available reel to show your work. If you do choose to contact a production company, please remember to always be polite in your mails. Also check the FAQ for some hints, advice and suggestions.

What's in it for us, you ask? Well, for one thing, this is fun! Honest. We love music videos and were concerned that there were so few sites dedicated to this medium. That was the main motive for launching this site back in 1998. We hope to help people learn more about music videos... And if in the process we can help the business grow a little bit more, than that's a great bonus!

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