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New releases for the month of August 1997

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34 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF AUGUST 25, 1997 (6 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Madonna Hip Hop Massaker   Candy killer   Norbert Heitker  
Da Flava   Summer in the city   Patrick Kiely  
Gorgeous   I'm gorgeous   Wolf Gresenz & Bernard Wedig  
Bed & Breakfast   All I wanna do   Patrick Kiely  
Blümchen   Gib mir noch Zeit   Axel Baur  
Boom pres Boris Dlugosch   Hold your head up high   Joakim Sandström  
WEEK OF AUGUST 18, 1997 (11 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Bellini   Carnaval   Rainer Thieding  
David Bowie   Seven years in Tibet   Rudi Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher  
Le Click   Don't go    
Intrance   Te quierro '97   Peter Dietrich  
Red 5   For this world   Volker Hannwacker  
DJ Energy   Step into the arena   Marc Schwarz  
Double Impact   Rock your baby    
Mezada   Back to trancenation    
Mr. President   Take me to the limit   John Buche  
the Boyz   Let me show you the way   Martin Weisz  
Tongue Forest + Lamont   I don't understand   Thomas Job  
WEEK OF AUGUST 11, 1997 (12 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Guano Apes   Open your eyes   Liz Wendelbo  
Nana   He's comin'   Patric Ullaeus  
Tank   Can U feel the bass?   Rainer Thieding  
Dirty Diethmar   Kein Bock mehr   Hans-Georg Kulka  
Fresh n' Funky   Shade of blue   Weisz & Friends  
La Voix   Up (la, la, la)   Weisz & Friends  
Marcel Romanoff   Don't make me cry    
Minerva   Girl from Ipanema   Weisz & Friends  
Poetry 'n Motion   Romeo & Juliet   Rainer Thieding  
Sabrina Setlur   Nur mir   Thomas Job  
Triple S   Keep your head    
U.S.U.R.A.   Open your mind '97   Robert Bröllochs  
WEEK OF AUGUST 4, 1997 (5 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
AK Swift   In the game   Patric Ullaeus  
Fettes Bröt   Sekt oder Selters   Christian Roth  
DJ BoBo   Shadows of the night   Bernd-Peter Rothfuss  
Lazzero   I don't wanna make you cry   Thomas Gense  
Tic Tac Toe   Mr. Wichtig (Ocean Drive mix)   Hannes Rossacher  

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