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New releases for the week of October 18, 1999

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41 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF OCTOBER 18, 1999 (41 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
2nd II None   Up in da club   G. Thomas Ferguson  
Add N to (X)   Revenge of the black Regent   Dylan Kendle  
Ash   Jesus says   Howard Greenhalgh  
Audio Adrenaline   Get down   Darren Doane  
Baby DC + Imajin   Candy girl    
Bambi & the Boys   Big    
the Beta Band   Round the bend   the Beta Band  
Mary J. Blige   Deep inside   Marcus Raboy  
Tamar Braxton + J.D. & Amil   Get none   Darren Grant  
DJ Rap   Good to be alive   Jeff Richter  
DJ Vadim + Blu Rum 13   It's obvious   Rob Heydon  
Faithless + Boy George   Why go?   Ben Unwin  
Fuel   Sunburn [live]   S. Floyd Lochmus  
Garbage   The world is not enough   Philipp Stolzl  
Gomez   We haven't turned around   Laurence Dunmore  
Macy Gray   I try   Mark Romanek  
Hardknox   Come in hard   Richard Heslop  
H-Blockx   Fly    
Enrique Iglesias   Rhythm divine   Francis Lawrence  
Alan Jackson   Pop a top   Steven Goldmann  
Montell Jordan   Get it on tonite   Little X  
Kabaal   Do dis   Andy Kawanami  
Limp Bizkit + Method Man   N 2gether now   Fred Durst & Emmett Malloy  
Lonestar   Smile   Trey Fanjoy  
Marilyn Manson   Astonishing panorama of the end times   Pete List  
Marvelous 3   Let me go    
Methodman Redman   Da rockwilder   Dave Meyers  
New Flesh For Old   Eye of the hurricane   Richard Anthony  
Phajja   Checkin' for me   Steve Willis  
Pharoahe Monch   Simon says   Busta Rhymes  
the Promise Ring   Emergency! Emergency!   Darren Doane & the Promise Ring  
the Roots + Jaguar   What U want   Little X  
Brooke Russell   So sweet   Kennedy  
Shandozia   Baby I like   Bobby Holland & G. Thomas Ferguson & Stephanie Riley  
Skunk Anansie   You follow me down   Thomas Krygier  
Will Smith + K-Ci   Will2K   Robert Caruso  
Stone Temple Pilots   Down   Robert Hales & Mark Racco  
Stroke 9   Little black backpack   Gavin Bowden  
Terror Squad   Tell me what U want   Chris Robinson  
Dickey Barrett   Shake rattle and roll   Spencer Proffer & Paul Flattery  
Swirl   Gypsy eyes   Bart Borghesi  

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