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New releases for the week of June 12, 2000

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21 videos are currently listed as having been released during this week.

WEEK OF JUNE 12, 2000 (21 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Yolanda Adams   Open my heart   Sanaa Hamri  
Common + Erykah Badu   The light   Nzingha Stewart  
Creed   With arms wide open   David Meyers  
Crooked Fingers   New drink for the old drunk   Adam Little  
Dalvin DeGrate   Why can't we? (600 mix)   Cassandra Mills & Dalvin DeGrate  
Isaac Hayes   Theme from Shaft   Nzingha Stewart  
the Infesticons   Hero theme   Jenny Bowers  
Iron Maiden   The wicker man   Dean Karr  
Juvenile   I got that fire   Nick Quested  
KoRn   Somebody someone   Martin Weisz  
Gerald Levert   Baby U are   Malik Sayeed  
Lil' Bow Wow   Bounce with me   David Meyers  
Lil' Zane   Callin' me   Marcus Raboy  
Lit   Over my head   Mark Gerard  
Brian McKnight   6, 8, 12   Christopher Erskin  
Next   Wifey   Jeff Richter  
Solex   Athens, OH   Gina Birch  
Three 6 Mafia + UGK   Sippin' on some syrup   Jeff Byrd  
Timbaland & Magoo + Aaliyah & Missy Elliott   We at it again   Chris Robinson  
Matmatah   Lambe an dro   Philippe Briday  
Matmatah   Emma   Philippe Briday  

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