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New releases for the month of August 2001

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71 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF AUGUST 27, 2001 (24 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Tori Amos   Strange little girl   David Slade  
Ash   Candy   Jeff Thomas  
Basement Jaxx   Just 1 kiss   Kidney & Subway Lung  
Ian Brown   F.E.A.R.   Ian Brown  
the Charlatans   Love is the key   Marcus Nispel  
the Cult   Rise   Gregory Dark & Anita Razzano  
Faithless   Muhammad Ali   James Brown  
Neil Finn   Hole in the ice   James & Alex  
Frank Popp Ensemble   Hip teens (don't wear blue jeans)   Marcel Lenz  
the Hives   Main offender   StyleWar  
I am Kloot   Morning rain   Caswell Coggins  
I Monster   Daydream in blue   Annie Watson  
Lamb   Gabriel   Sean Ellis  
Live + Tricky   Simple creed   Marc Webb  
Manic Street Preachers   Let Robeson sing   Andrew Dosunmu  
Mercury Rev   Nite and fog   Luke Losey  
Röyksopp   Eple   Thomas Hilland  
Spiritualized   Stop your crying   Jake & Jim  
the Strokes   Last nite   W. Rabutton & R. Thrift  
Super Furry Animals   Juxtaposed with U   H5  
Tok Tok vs Saffy O   Missy Queen's gonna die   Jörg Buttgereit  
Travis   Side   Jonathan Dayton & Valerie Faris  
US3   You can't hold me down   Toru Tokikawa  
Zoot Woman   It's automatic   Mike Mills  
WEEK OF AUGUST 20, 2001 (20 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club   Whatever happened to my rock 'n' roll? (punk song)   Charles Mehling  
Mary J. Blige   Family affair   Dave Meyers  
Athena Cage + Lil' Zane   Hey hey [remix]   Aaron Courseault  
Cake   Short skirt / Long jacket   John McCrea  
Mariah Carey   Never too far   Vondie Curtis Hall  
the Dears   No return   Michel Pelland  
DMX   We right here   J. Jesses Smith  
Fred Everything   Revolution   Phil Price  
Elton John   I want love   Sam Taylor-Wood  
Jondi & Spesh   We are connected   Sean McLean  
Little T & One Track Mike   Shaniqua   Lenny Bass  
Nickelback   How you remind me   the Brothers Strause  
P.O.D.   Alive   Francis Lawrence  
Res   Golden boys   Nzingha Stewart  
Safri Duo   Played a live (the bongo song)   Donovan Chamberlayne  
System of a Down   Chop Suey!   Marcos Siega  
Paul Van Dyk   We are alive   Ulli Lindenmann & Marcus Sternberg  
Waldeck   This isn't maybe   Bert Hunger & Wolfgang Werzowa & E-Magine  
Toby Keith   I wanna talk about me   Michael Salomon  
Embrace   Wonder   Grant Gee & Danny McNamara  
WEEK OF AUGUST 13, 2001 (26 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Afro Celt Sound System + Peter Gabriel   When you're falling   Adam Berg  
Appliance   A gentle cycle revolution   Richard Bell  
Bad Ronald   Let's begin   Marc Klasfeld  
Barenaked Ladies   Falling from the first time   Tim Godsall  
Michelle Branch   Everywhere   Liz Friedlander  
Perry Farrell   Song yet to be sung   Andrea Giacobbe  
Flickerstick   Smile   Spine  
Ben Folds   Rockin' the suburbs   Al Yankovic  
Ginuwine   Differences   Hype Williams  
Macy Gray   Sweet baby   Dave Meyers  
India.Arie   Brown skin   Tim Story  
Jagged Edge + Nelly & Jermaine Dupri   Where's the party at?   Bryan Barber  
Kardinal Offishall   Ol' time illin' / Maxine   Little X  
Limp Bizkit   Boiler   Fred Durst & Dave Meyers  
Mudvayne   Death blooms   Thomas Mignone  
Stevie Nicks & Sheryl Crow   Sorcerer   Nancy Bardawil  
Nine Inch Nails   Deep   Enda McCallion  
Park Bench   Everything kills me   Park Bench  
Pinehurst Kids   The Oncelor   Dave Donahue  
Professional Murder Music   Slow   Marc Webb  
Prophet Jones   Lifetime   Jessy Terrero  
Scapegoat Wax   Aisle 10 (hello Allison)   Evan Bernard  
Melky Sedeck   Kitty Kat world   Christopher Erskin  
Stereomud   Pain   Marc Webb  
Sébastien Tellier   Universe   Mathieu Tonetti  
Train   Drops of Jupiter   Marc Smerling  
WEEK OF AUGUST 6, 2001 (1 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
starsailor   Alcoholic   Mouldy  

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