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New releases for the month of May 2005

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326 videos are currently listed as having been released during this month.

WEEK OF MAY 30, 2005 (82 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
the Wallflowers   The beautiful side of somewhere   Jon Watts  
Toni Braxton   Please   Chris Robinson  
Chromeo   Rage!   Moh Azima  
Magneta Lane   Ugly socialite   Chris Grismer  
Dark New Day   Brother   P.R. Brown  
Tre Hardson   Don''t wait too long   Bill Posley  
Slant   Broken wings   Bill Posley  
the Water Method   Mona Harper   Bill Posley  
the Offspring   Can't repeat   Ramon & Pedro  
U2   City of blinding lights   Alex & Martin  
Ricky Fante   Shine   Wendell Scot Greene  
Amanda Wilkinson   No more me and you   Warren Sonoda  
Ben Moody + Anastacia   Everything burns   Antti Jokinen  
Fantasia   Free yourself   Lenny Bass  
Tom Vek   CC (you set the fire in me)   Adam Bartley  
Sing-Sing   Lover    
the Dears   22: the death of all romance    
Fischerspooner   Never win   Warren Fischer & Jon Kane  
DJ Format + Abdominal & D-Sisive   Separated at birth   Hugo Ramirez  
Ultra Lights + Steph B   18 (le truc russe)    
Rufus Wainwright   Crumb by crumb    
Martin Rappeneau & Marie Gillain   Les figures imposées   Jean-François Julian  
Rooster   Deep and meaningless   Robert Hales  
Charlotte Church   Crazy chick   Vaughan Arnell  
Dezil   San ou (la rivière)    
Sharlene   Sweeta sweeta   Richard Valerde  
Pierric Lilliu   A coeur ouvert    
O Karaiva   Xote das meninas (ela so quer)    
Dahlia   Contre courant   Maxime Giroux  
Keren Ann   Chelsea burns   César Vayssié  
Maidi Roth & Fred Franchi   Faudra que tu me rêves    
Kevin Mark Trall   Last night    
the Kooks   Eddie's gun   Marco Sandeman  
Joss Stone   Don'cha wanna ride?   Wayne Isham  
Colleen   The happy sea   Carolina Melis  
the Herbaliser + Jean Grae i the Generals   Generals   Chris Ratcliffe  
Jennifer Gentle   I do dream you   Paolo Franciosi  
Arctic Monkeys   Fake tales of San Francisco   Chris Commons & Mark Bull  
Nizlopi   The JCB song   Ali Smith  
the Chemical Brothers + Tim Burgess   The boxer   Ne-O  
Ultimate   Fall down   Antwan Smith  
JDiggz   Puush it up   Lil' X  
Darryl Riley + Solitaire   Groove   Cazhhmere  
Fito Blanko   By my side   Jason E. Banks  
R. Kelly   Trapped in the closet (chapter 1)   R. Kelly & Jim Swaffield  
Novillero   The hypothesist    
Yann Perreau   La vie n'est pas qu'une salope    
Pras Michel   Haven't found   Rob Minkoff  
Brittany Wells   Somebody's somebody   Flick Wiltshire  
Mika Nakashima   Hitori    
Sacra   Kage boushi    
Ayaka Hirabaru   Eternally    
Shakalabbits   Mommy's back?    
Gackt   Metamorphoze    
No Plan   Oh! sama    
Shougo Hamada   I am a father    
Ami Suzuki   Eventful    
Mr. Children   Mirai    
the Cat Empire   The car song   Ben Quinn  
James Blunt   High   Sam Brown  
Kool Savas & Azad   All 4 one    
Revolverheld   Generation rock   Bernard Wedig & Conchita Soares  
Nena   Willst du mit mir geh'n   Zoran Bihac  
Soak the Sin   Hands up    
Beezewax   I'm not where I'm supposed to be   Mark Everson  
Tanita Tikaram   My love    
the Unseen   Scream out   Ian McFarland & Joel Walker  
Mewithoutyou   January 1979    
RZA + Prodigalson & Christbearer of Northstar   Unleash me    
T.I.   A.S.A.P. / Motivation   Craig Ross, Jr.  
B5   U got me    
Senses Fail   Rum is for drinking, not for burning   Christopher Mills  
As I Lay Dying   Confined   Christopher Sims  
Fear Before the March of Flames   Should have stayed in the shadows   Mike Kaminsky  
Obituary   The end complete    
Gage   Pense à moi    
Ryan Shupe & the Rubberband   Dream big   Peter Zavadil  
Kevin Montgomery   Tennessee girl    
Chely Wright   The river    
Kisschasy   Do-dos & woah-ohs   Kiku Ohe  
the Kinleys   I will   Flick Wiltshire  
Bodaiga   We don't play dat   John Wayne  
WEEK OF MAY 23, 2005 (59 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
the Red Chord   Antman   Dave Brodsky  
Hot Hot Heat   Middle of nowhere   Marc Webb  
Slipknot   Before I forget   Tony Petrossian  
Mario   Here I go again   Ray Kay  
Life of Agony   Love to let U down   Zach Merck  
Finch   Bitemarks and bloodstains   Michael Palmieri  
Faith Hill   Mississippi girl   Wayne Isham  
Coldplay   Speed of sound   Mark Romanek  
Kayna Samet   Ecorchée vive   Martin Arnaldo  
the Andy Walton Band   The muse   Marc Furmie  
Sarah McLachlan & Robbie Robertson   World on fire   Paul Fedor  
the White Stripes   Blue orchid   Floria Sigismondi  
Hybrid L   Yours truly   Todd Weiden  
Neil's Children   Always the same    
Weird War   Illuminated   M. Frohman  
Patrick Wolf   Wind in the wires    
Apartment   Patience is proving   Wayne Yip  
Betzefer   Down low    
the Agony Scene   Prey   Chad Rullman  
Ladytron   Sugar   Andy Roberts  
T. Raumschmiere   Sick like me   Brendan McNamee & Robert Chandler  
We Are Scientists   Nobody move, nobody get hurt   Akiva Schaffer  
Misty's Big Adventure   Hey man    
Marc Lavoine   Tu m'as renversé   les Sp6men  
Nathan   Round and round   Alex Herron  
Poker Pets + Nate James   Lovin' you    
Riot Act   California soul   Alex Hemming  
Bruno Maman   Dans tes yeux   Gilles Porte  
Sinik & Diam's   Le même sang   J.G. Biggs & Cyril Stern  
Didier Bourdon   On peuplu rien dire    
Arsenium   Love me... love me...   Marco Braun  
Gianni Palazzo   Noi    
Frank Michael   Pour toutes les mamans    
Fightstar   Paint your target   Sam Brown  
Ben Adams   Sorry   Alex Hemming  
Eminem   Ass like that   Philip G. Atwell  
... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead   Caterwaul   Pearl Wible  
Transplants   Gangsters & thugs   Estevan Oriol  
Nick Cannon + Anthony Hamilton   Can I live?    
Cerena   Wake up   Thierry Vergnes  
the Checks   What you heard    
Luck Mervil   Ti peyi a    
Mentake   There it goes   Myriam Breton  
the Waking Eyes   On a train   Rob Stefaniuk  
Amber Pacific   Gone so young    
les Respectables   Virer le monde à l'envers    
Marie-Chantal Toupin   Naître    
Miranda Lambert   Bring me down   Kristin Barlowe  
Roger Marshall & the Law   Hiding in the wide open    
Guysparks aka Billite   93 représente   Julien  
RS4   Mon crew   Limey & RS4 & DJ Ton  
the Blue Van   Revelation of love   Adam Pollina  
Longview   When you sleep   Diamond Dogs  
RSP + Douma   Dans le rap   Al Hyun  
Baguioz   Parle-moi de belles choses   Chris Macari  
Zyklon   Core solution    
the Frames   Fake [live]   Jamie Watt  
Fall Out Boy   Sugar we're goin' down   Matt Lenski  
Kerry Harvick   Cowgirls   Trey Fanjoy  
WEEK OF MAY 16, 2005 (57 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Lionel Tim   Je m'envole   Igreco  
the Show   Who?   harv  
Garbage   Bleed like me   Sophie Muller & Shirley Manson  
Cam'ron + Kanye West   Down and out   Life Garland  
Syleena Johnson + R. Kelly & Fabolous   Hypnotic   Jessy Terrero  
Muse   Stockholm syndrome   Patrick Daughters  
Bow Wow + Omarion   Let me hold you   Bryan Barber  
Emiliana Torrini   Heartstopper   David Lea  
Alkaline Trio   Time to waste   Mr. Hahn  
Bizarre + Eminem   Rockstar   Anthony Ernest Garth  
Alan Jackson   The talkin' song repair blues   Margaret Malandruccolo  
Trisha Yearwood   Georgia rain   Rocky Schenck  
Antigone Rising   Don't look back   Marc Webb  
Unwritten Law   She says   Jessy Terrero  
the Bazaars   I want you dead   Mark Abraham  
the Cribs   Mirror kissers   Diamond Dogs  
the Brakes   All night long disco party    
Diefenbach   Favorite friend   Robert Chandler  
Chimène Badi   Retomber amoureux   Philippe Gautier  
Garbage   Sex is not the enemy   Sophie Muller  
Kéry James   Ghetto super classe   Raphaël IV  
Orwell   In your playground   Samuel Mussolin & Jean-Luc Simon  
Daniel Lévi   La peine de vivre   Igreco  
the Little Flames   Put your dukes up, John    
Soulwax   NY excuse   Chris Palmer  
Jem   Just a ride   Steven Murashige  
Reuben   A kick in the mouth   Dan Fernbach  
Rise Against   Swing life away   Estevan Oriol  
Ludacris + Bobby Valentino   Pimpin' all over the world   Little X  
SunN.Y. + Jermaine Dupri   Introduction   R. Malcolm Jones  
Mötley Crüe & Raheem DeVaughn   Sick love song   P.R. Brown  
Common   Go!   Kanye West & MK12 & Convert  
Toby Keith   As good as I once was   Michael Salomon  
Kerry Harvick   That's what your love does    
Massari   Be easy   RT!  
Sloan   All used up   Chris Grismer  
Bif Naked   Let down   Peter Karroll  
Stutterfly   Gun in hand   Giammartino  
War Party   Thank you God   Bob Brooks  
Emily Bégin   Mata Hari    
Malajube   Le métronome   Louis-Philippe Eno  
Dumas   Vénus   Louis-Philippe Eno  
Basement Jaxx   U don't know me   Mat Kirkby  
Architecture in Helsinki   Do the whirlwind   Paul Robertson  
Foetus   Blessed evening   Karen O  
Black Label Society   Fire it up   Eric Zimmerman  
High on Fire   Devilution   Gary Smithson  
Pitch   Move your body    
Kool Shen & Rohff & Dadoo   L'avenir est à nous   J.G. Biggs  
Timal   Comme au cinéma    
Del Amore   Holding back the years    
eels   Hey man (now you're really living)    
Shurman   Drownin'    
Yuppie Flu   Our nature   Vera Braghiroli  
Adam Green   Carolina    
Morcheeba   Wonders never cease   Jake & Jim  
Mud Flow   Today    
WEEK OF MAY 9, 2005 (59 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Sleater-Kinney   Entertain   Molly & Mariah  
No Address   When I'm gone (Sadie)   Made by Robots  
Green Day   Wake me up when September ends   Samuel Bayer  
Kelly Clarkson   Behind these hazel eyes   Joseph Kahn  
Still Remains   The worst is yet to come   Shane Drake  
Fat Joe + Nelly   Get it poppin'   Chris Robinson  
Dead 60's   Loaded gun   Scott Lyon  
Bright Eyes   Easy / Lucky / Free   Lily Thorne & Lauri Faggioni  
Tony Yayo + 50 Cent   So seductive   Gil Green  
the Tenderfoot   Cowbell blues   Lee Lennox  
Stevie Wonder   So what the fuss?   Paul Hunter  
LeAnn Rimes   Probably wouldn't be this way   David McClister  
the Arcade Fire   Neighborhood #2 (Laika)   Josh Deu  
DrinkMe   Manifesto   Ben Rollason  
the Killers   All these things that I've done   Anton Corbijn  
the Young Knives   Weekends and bleak days (hot summer)   Tim Hughes  
Crésus   Dans les flaques    
Hard-Fi   Hard to beat   Scott Lyon  
AqME   A chaque seconde    
Bartone   France Allemagne 82   Marc Cortès  
Bonnie Tyler   Louise    
L5   A ta liberté    
Il Divo   Unbreak my heart (Regresa a mi)    
the Noise Next Door   She might   Phil Griffin  
Muuhda   Goodbye   Todd Weiden  
Sarah Slean   Mary   Nelson Chan  
Booba   Mon son    
Queens of the Stone Age   Everybody knows that you're insane   Terry Richardson  
Ambulance Ltd.   Primitive   Wendy Morgan  
Death From Above 1979   Black history month   Jeff Scheven  
Buju Banton   Magic City   Troy Antonio  
Gym Class Heroes   Papercuts   Alan Ferguson  
Plain White T's   Take me away   Jay Martin  
Taking Back Sunday   Set phasers to stun   Isaac Rentz  
Indra   Oublie-moi   Karim Ouaret  
the Divine Brown   Old skool love   Duane Crichton  
Classified   The Maritimes   Matt Strickland  
Wintersleep   Danse macabre   Sean Wainsteim  
Bikini Atoll   Eve's rib    
Benjamin Diamond   There is a girl   Nicolas Hidiroglou  
Immolation   Harnessing ruin   Maurice Swinkels  
Dead Meadow   At her open door   Eric Cheevers & Little e  
Youth Group   Skeleton jar   Mathematics  
Keisha White   Don't fool a woman in love    
MVP   Roc ya body    
le Coeur des Femmes + Elisabeth Anaïs & Eve Angéli, etc.   Combat combo   Franck Percher  
Mano Solo & Balbino Medellin   Barrio barbes    
Chris Glover   Stand on your seat   Matt Ornstein  
Majestic Twelve   I don't have a job   Brian Rainey  
the High Speed Scene   The IROC-Z song   Geoff Oki  
Kano   Remember me   Alastair Siddons  
Foo Fighters   Best of you   Mark Pellington  
Armin van Buuren   Shivers   Jelle Posthuma  
Rascal Flatts   Here's to you   Jon Small  
Dany Brillant   Ca l'fait... le big band   Thierry Vergnes  
Simone Cristicchi   Vorrei cantare come Biagio   Gaetano Morbioli  
Peter Miles vs Navio   Rakus   Yes! That's Us  
Stephen Brodsky   Stolen echoes won't return   Matt Tarle  
James McMurtry   60 acres   Chad Denning  
WEEK OF MAY 2, 2005 (69 videos)
ArtistSong titleVideo director
Kayliah   Quand une fille est love   Karim Ouaret  
Billy Corgan   Walking shade   P.R. Brown  
Trey Songz + Twista   Gotta make it   Marc Webb  
Good Charlotte   The chronicles of life and death   Brett Simon  
Society 1   It isn't me   Danny Roew  
Slim Thug + Jazzy Pha   Incredible feelin'   Fat Cats  
Gavin DeGraw   Chariot   Zach Braff  
Shania Twain   I ain't no quitter   Wayne Isham  
aKido   Les humains   Félix Lajeunesse & Paul Raphaël & Augustin Tougas  
Mashonda   Back of da club   Jessy Terrero  
Rogue Traders   Voodoo child   Sam Bennetts  
Moby   Raining again   Barnaby Roper  
the Departure   All mapped out   David Chaudoir  
Morning Runner   Work   Ed Holdsworth  
Frédéric François   Et si l'on parlait d'amour    
Leslie   Vivons pour demain   Karim Ouaret  
Priss   N°1 dans ma ville    
Booka   Mutoto   Igreco  
White Rose Movement   Love is a number   Nima Nourizadeh  
Still + Tilly Key & Calvin Scott   Hot   Karim Ouaret  
Pearl   Fashion girl    
Maria Isabel   Antes muerta que sencilla    
Paul Cless + Brixx   Suavemente   Volker Hannwacker  
Papa A.P   Gasolina   Thierry Vergnes  
Jaga Jazzist   All I know is tonight   Lasse Gretland  
Special Needs   Blue skies   the Blaine Brothers  
VHS or Beta   Night on fire   Ben Dickinson  
4th Avenue Jones   Stereo   Sumasian  
Kalan Porter   In spite of it all   harv  
Good Charlotte   We believe   Sam Erickson  
Jully Black + DeMarco   Sweat of your brow   harv  
Amerie + White Floors & Eve   1 thing   Chris Robinson & Amerie  
Thievery Corporation + Sleepy Wonder & Gunjan   Warning shots   Rob Myers  
the Game   Dreams   Philip G. Atwell  
Mike Jones   Back then   Dr. Teeth  
Tegan & Sara   Walking with a ghost   Troy Nixey  
the Honorary Title   Everything I once had   Travis Kopach  
Pussycat Dolls + Busta Rhymes   Don't cha   Paul Hunter  
Snoop Dogg   Ups & downs / Bang out   Anthony Mandler  
Juelz Santana   Mic check   Scott Franklin  
Patrice   Soul storm   Andrew Dosunmu  
Bleed the Dream   Legends die   Darren Doane  
Youth Group   Shadowland   Mathematics  
Reckless Kelly   Stick around   Peter Zavadil  
Hanna-McEuen   Something like a broken heart    
Lisa Brokop   Ladylike    
Akhenaton   Mots blessés   Kamel Saleh  
Mojo   Faut qu'ça tourne   Christophe Luparini  
Sinik   Coeur de pierre    
Marc Lavoine   Je me sens si seul   les Sp6men  
Terri Walker   This is my time    
Do Me Bad Things   Move in stereo   Jérémie Rozan & Martial Schmeltz  
the Longcut   A quiet life    
Tsunami Bomb   Dawn on a funeral day   Nate Weaver  
the Comas   Tonight on the WB   Brent Bonacorso  
Taxi Doll   Waiting   Chagai Bolle  
Six Feet Under   Shadow of the reaper    
Ministry   N.W.O.    
Into the Moat   Dead before I stray    
Corrosion of Conformity   Stone breaker   Rio Hackford  
Benny Benassi + Dhany   Make me feel    
Thai Bride   Non contact sport   Claire Elshaw  
la Ley   Histeria   Ricardo Calderon & Beto Cuevas  
Delta Goodrem   A little too late    
Smalltown Emcees   Reppin'    
Inglow   Blended sherry    
Absinth   Marene    
Movie   The fool    
Lok   Baby rap    

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