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About us

The Music Video DataBase ( was created in 1998. A demo version went online in April, though the official launch took place on December 7, under the name of VideoZone.

The site was created by Alex S. Garcia, a French citizen with an international background. Born in Africa (Guinea) from parents of Spanish origin who were themselves born in Algeria (back when it still belonged to France) and raised around the world (Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Guyana...) His cultural background is both French and American (he grew up to Sesame Street and the Muppet Show just like any American kid of his generation!)

Alex is a freelance writer, translator, magazine editor, lyricist and webmaster. He has studied literature, filmmaking and journalism. He has published hundreds of articles, reviews, features, columns and interviews, as well as a handful of short stories.

For more information, check out his personal website.

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