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David Bowie

Act type : male artist
Real name : David Jones
Born : 8 January 1947
Died : 10 January 2016
Country : UK

See also David Bowie's technician credits.

Discography :

  • 1977: Heroes
  • 1983: Let's dance
  • 2015: Blackstar

co-direct award nominee award winner David Bowie has worked on a total of 74 videos.

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artist videography
(74 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2015-nov Blackstar
2013-dec I'd rather be high
2013-jul Valentine's Day Indrani & Markus Klinko
2013-feb The stars (are out tonight)Floria Sigismondi
2013-jan Where are we now?Tony Oursler
2006-jan [GUEST] The cynicAndreas Bodker & Kasper Eistrup
2003-sepNew killer starBrumby Boylston
2003-may [GUEST] Just for one dayRichard Fenwick
2002-decEveryone says "hi" [live]
2002-julSlow burn
2000-janSurvive [version 1: concept]Walter Stern
2000The pretty things are going to Hell Dom & Nic
2000Survive [version 2: live]Carlo Nataloni
1999-dec [GUEST] Under pressure [version 4: live]Rudi Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher
1999-sepThursday's childWalter Stern
1997-novI can't read
1997-octI'm afraid of Americans [remix] Dom & Nic
1997-augSeven years in TibetRudi Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher
1997-apr Dead man walkingFloria Sigismondi
1997-janLittle wonderFloria Sigismondi
1996-marHallo spaceboy [remix]David Mallet
1996Under pressure [version 3: live]Jim Gable
1995-nov Strangers when we meetSamuel Bayer
1995-aug The heart's filthy lessonSamuel Bayer
1994-aprZiggy Stardust [version 2]Mark Coker
1994-marBuddha of SuburbiaRoger Michell
1993-octMiracle goodnightMatthew Rolston
1993-junBlack tie, white noiseMark Romanek
1993-aprUnder pressure [version 2]David Mallet & Andy Morahan
1993-mar Jump they sayMark Romanek
1993As the world falls downSteve Barron
1992-julReal cool worldRalph Bakshi
1990-jul [GUEST] Pretty pink roseTim Pope
1990-apr Fame '90Gus van Sant
1988-jun [GUEST] Tonight [live]
1987-augNever let me downJean-Baptiste Mondino
1987-mayTime will crawlTim Pope
1987-mar Day-in day-outJulien Temple
1986-junUndergroundSteve Barron
1986-mar Absolute beginnersJulien Temple
1986-janWhen the wind blowsJimmy T. Murakami
1985-augDancin' in the streetDavid Mallet
1985-mayLoving the alienDavid Mallet & David Bowie
1985-feb This is not America
1984-sep Blue Jean [version 2: fake live]Julien Temple
1984-aug Blue Jean [version 1: concept]Julien Temple
1983-novWhite light, white heatD.A. Pennebaker
1983-octChanges [live]D.A. Pennebaker
1983-sepModern loveJim Yukich
1983-mayChina girlDavid Mallet
1983-mar Let's danceDavid Mallet
1982-aprCat people (putting out fire) [live]David Mallet
1982-febThe drowned girlDavid Mallet
1981-nov [GUEST] Under pressure [version 1]David Mallet
1981-novWild is the windDavid Mallet
1980-octFashionDavid Mallet
1980-aug Ashes to ashesDavid Mallet & David Bowie
1979-decSpace oddity [version 3: acoustic]David Mallet
1979-augLook back in angerDavid Mallet
1979-junDJDavid Mallet
1979-aprBoys keep swingingDavid Mallet
1977-sep Heroes [version 1]Nick Ferguson
1977-jun Be my wifeStanley Dorfman
1977Little drummer boyDwight Herrison
1974-aprRock 'n' roll suicideMick Rock
1973-julZiggy Stardust [version 1]D.A. Pennebaker
1973-junLife on Mars?Mick Rock
1973-jan Space oddity [version 2]Mick Rock
1972-novThe Jean GenieMick Rock
1972-sepJohn I'm only dancingMick Rock
1969-sep Space oddity [version 1]Malcolm Thomson
1967-julLove you till Tuesday
1967Let me sleep beside you
 Heroes [version 2]David Mallet & Andy Morahan

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