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Brooks & Dunn

Act type : duo

co-direct award nominee award winner Brooks & Dunn has worked on a total of 34 videos.

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artist videography
(34 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2007-jul Put a girl in itWes Edwards
2006-decHillbilly deluxe
2006-junBuilding bridges
2005-novI believe
2005-junPlay something countryMichael Salomon
2004-sepThat's what it's all aboutMichael McNamara
2003-octYou can't take the honkytonk out of the girlMichael Salomon
2003-may Red dirt roadSteven Goldmann
2002-dec It won't be Christmas without youJon Small
2002-decRockin' little Christmas
2002-decWinter wonderland
2002-aprGood girls go to HeavenJoe DeMaio
2002-aprMy heart is lost to youShaun Silva
2001-julOnly in AmericaMichael Merriman
2001-julSouth of Santa FeMichael Merriman
2001-marAin't nothin' 'bout youTrey Fanjoy
1999-novBeer thirtyMichael Salomon
1998-julHow long gone?Steven Goldmann
1998-may [GUEST] If you see him / If you see herRobert Deaton & George J. Flanigen IV
1997-decHe's got youSteven Goldmann
1997-sepHonky tonk truthSherman Halsey
1997-aprA man this lonelyMichael Oblowitz
1996-sepMama don't get dressed up for nothingMichael Oblowitz
1996-aprMy MariaMichael Oblowitz
1995-junYou're gonna miss me when I'm gone
1995-aprLittle Miss Honky Tonk
1994-octShe's not the cheatin' kind
1994-julThat ain't no way to goPiers Plowden
1994-febRock my world little country girl
1993-marHard workin' man
1992-novLost and foundMichael Merriman
1992-julBoot scootin' boogieMichael Merriman
1991-novMy next broken heartMichael Merriman
1991-julBrand new manMichael Merriman

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