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Kate Bush
(1958- )

Act type : female artist
Born : 30 July 1958
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Kate Bush has worked on a total of 37 videos.

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artist videography
(37 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2005-octKing of the mountainJimmy T. Murakami
1994-novAnd so is love [version 2: film]Kate Bush
1994-jul [GUEST] The man I loveKevin Godley
1994-aprThe red shoesKate Bush
1994-febAnd so is love [version 1]
1993-novMoments of pleasureKate Bush
1993-sepRubberband girl [version 1]
1993Eat the music [version 1]Kate Bush
1993Rubberband girl [version 2: film]Kate Bush
1993LilyKate Bush
1993Eat the music [version 2: film]Kate Bush
1992-jun [GUEST] Something goodJerry Hibbard
1992-jan Rocket man
1990-marThis woman's workJohn Alexander
1989-decLove and angerKate Bush
1989-sepThe sensual worldKate Bush & Peter Richardson
1989-jun [GUEST] Spirit of the forestStorm Thorgerson
1987-apr [GUEST] Don't give up [version 2]Jim Blashfield
1986-nov [GUEST] Don't give up [version 1] Godley & Creme
1986-octExperiment IVKate Bush
1986-aprThe big skyKate Bush
1986-mar Hounds of loveKate Bush
1985-augRunning up that hill (a deal with God) [version 2]
1985-jul CloudbustingJulian Doyle
1985-junRunning up that hill (a deal with God) [version 1]David Garfath
1982-augThe dreamingPaul Henry
1981-julSat in your lapBrian Wiseman
1981Suspended in gaffaBrian Wiseman
1981There goes a tennerPaul Henry
1980-sepArmy dreamers Keef
1980-junBabooshka Keef
1980-aprBreathing Keef
1979-marWow Keef
1978-novHammer horror Keef
1978-mayThe man with the child in his eyes Keef
1978-janWuthering Heights Keef
1978Them heavy people Keef

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