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Jermaine Dupri

Act type : male artist

co-direct award nominee award winner Jermaine Dupri has worked on a total of 39 videos.

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artist videography
(39 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-oct [GUEST] Dem jeansErik White
2006-jun [GUEST] Pulling me backErik White
2006-may [GUEST] Feelin' youBille Woodruff
2006-feb [GUEST] Better start talkin'Noble Jones
2005-nov [GUEST] Fresh AZIMIZBenny Boom
2005-nov [GUEST] Do it movin' Sonic Fusion Test
2005-oct [GUEST] Get your numberJake Nava
2005-jun [GUEST] I think they like me [remix]Juwan Lee & Benny Boom
2005-junGotta getchaBryan Barber
2005-may [GUEST] IntroductionR. Malcolm Jones
2005-mar [GUEST] It's like thatBrett Ratner
2005-feb [GUEST] Baby mama loveChris Stokes
2003-aug [GUEST] What da hook gon' be?Benny Boom
2002-jul [GUEST] BasketballChris Robinson
2002-junWelcome to Atlanta [version 2: remix]Benny Boom
2002-janWelcome to AtlantaMarc Klasfeld
2002-jan [GUEST] What's it gonna be? [remix] Antti J
2001-sepBallin' out of controlDavid Meyers
2001-aug [GUEST] Where's the party at? [version 2: remix]Bryan Barber
2001-jul [GUEST] Someone to call my lover [version 2: So So Def remix]Francis Lawrence
2001-jun [GUEST] Irresistible [version 2: So So Def remix]Cameron Casey
2000-dec [GUEST] All I want for Christmas [version 3: remix]Kris Kringle
2000-aug [GUEST] Let's get married [version 2: remix]Bryan Barber
2000-jul [GUEST] Jumpin', jumpin' [version 2: remix]Joseph Kahn
2000-mayI've got to have itDavid Meyers
2000-feb [GUEST] Da ballersMichael B & Mikael Q
1999-oct [GUEST] Get noneDarren Grant
1999-sep [GUEST] Keys to the RangerChris Robinson
1999-may [GUEST] Secret loveBille Woodruff
1999 [GUEST] Just for youRandy Marshall
1999It's nothin'Darren Grant
1998-oct [GUEST] SweetheartHype Williams
1998-julMoney ain't a thangDarren Grant
1998-jun [GUEST] My all / Stay a while [SoSo Def remix]Diane Martel
1998Going home with meDarren Grant
1998The party continuesPaul Hunter
  [GUEST] With me (part 1) Darren Grant
  [GUEST] Jam on itDarren Grant
  [GUEST] Unify [mega mix]Rashidi Natara Harper

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