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Missy Elliott
(1971- )

Act type : female artist
Real name : Melissa Arnette Elliott
Born : 1 July 1971
Country : USA

See also Missy Elliott's technician credits.

Discography :

co-direct award nominee award winner Missy Elliott has worked on a total of 54 videos.

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artist videography
(54 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2017I'm betterDavid Meyers
2015-nov WTF (Where They From)David Meyers & Missy Elliott
2013-jul [GUEST] Without me Gomillion & Leupold
2013-apr [GUEST] How ya doin'?Carly Cussen
2012-mar [GUEST] Nobody's perfectColin Tilley
2009-jun [GUEST] Work Melina
2008Ching-a-ling / Shake your pom pomDavid Meyers
2006-febWe run thisDavid Meyers
2005-sepTeary eyed Antti J & Missy Elliott
2005-junLoose control / On & onDavid Meyers & Missy Elliott
2005-jan [GUEST] Turn da lights off Antti J
2004-nov [GUEST] 1, 2 stepBenny Boom
2004-may [GUEST] TushErik White
2004-feb I'm really hotBryan Barber
2003-novPass that DutchDavid Meyers
2003-sep [GUEST] Cop that disc Little X
2003-jul [GUEST] Fighting temptations Antti J
2003-junBack in da dayDavid Meyers
2002-decGossip folksDavid Meyers
2002-oct Work itDavid Meyers & Missy Elliott
2002-jun [GUEST] Burnin' upChris Robinson
2002-may [GUEST] Oops (oh my)Cameron Casey
2002-may4 my peopleDavid Meyers
2002-feb [GUEST] KnocJeff Richter
2001-novTake awayDavid Meyers
2001-oct [GUEST] Son of a gun (I betcha think this song is about you)Francis Lawrence
2001-jul [GUEST] Bootylicious [version 2: Rockwilder remix] Little X
2001-junOne minute manDavid Meyers
2001-marGet Ur freak onDavid Meyers
2000-nov [GUEST] Is that your chick?Chris Robinson
2000-jun [GUEST] We at it againChris Robinson
2000-may [GUEST] Take thatNzingha Stewart
2000-mar [GUEST] It's so hardChris Robinson
1999-novHot boyz [remix]Hype Williams
1999-oct [GUEST] Heartbreaker [version 2: remix]Diane Martel
1999-sep [GUEST] Ya di yaChris Robinson
1999-augAll in my grillHype Williams
1999-may She's a bitchHype Williams
1998-nov [GUEST] Here we comeFrancis Lawrence
1998-nov [GUEST] 5 minutesRashidi Natara Harper
1998-sep [GUEST] I want you backHype Williams
1998-aug [GUEST] Make it hotChristopher Erskin
1998-junHit 'em wit da heePaul Hunter
1997-decBeep me 911Earle Sebastian
1997-oct Sock it 2 meHype Williams
1997-aug [GUEST] Hot like fireLance Rivera
1997-jun [GUEST] Up jumps da boogieBille Woodruff
1997-jun [GUEST] Not tonight [version 1]
1997-mayThe rain (Supa dupa fly)Hype Williams
1997 [GUEST] Ladies' nightLance Rivera
1996-dec [GUEST] You don't have to worry [remix]Brian Luvar & Michael Bivins
1996-nov [GUEST] Cold rock a partyCameron Casey
1996-aug [GUEST] What about us?Christopher Erskin
 The shopperRon Norsworthy

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