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(1946- )

Act type : female artist
Birth name : Cherilyn LaPierre
Born : 20 May 1946
Country : USA

Discography :

  • 1973: Half-breed
  • 1991: Love hurts

co-direct award nominee award winner Cher has worked on a total of 26 videos.

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artist videography
(26 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2002-aprSong for the lonely [version 1]Stan Maschwitz
2002Different kind of love song
2002Song for the lonely [version 2: almighty remix]
2001-oct The music's no good without youNigel Dick
2001Alive again
2000 [GUEST] Pių che puoi
1999-novDov'č l'amoreMarcus Nispel
1999-augAll or nothingDavid Mallet
1999-marStrong enoughNigel Dick
1998-octBelieveNigel Dick
1996-augWalking in MemphisMarcus Nispel
1996-mayOne by oneMarcus Nispel
1994-jan I got you babeTamra Davis
1991-oct Save up all your tearsMatt Mahurin
1991-junLove and understandingMarty Callner
1990-novThe shoop shoop song (It's in his kiss)Marty Callner
1990-marHeart of stoneMarty Callner
1989-julIf I could turn back timeMarty Callner
1988-aprWe all sleep alone
1987-decI found someone [version 2: live]
1987-oct I found someone [version 1: concept] Cher
1974 Dark lady [version 2: cartoon]John David Wilson
1973 Half-breed
1973 Dark lady [version 1: performance]
1971 Gypsies, tramps & thieves
1969 Bang bang (my baby shot me down)

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