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Eric Clapton
(1945- )

Act type : male artist
Birth name : Eric Clapp
Born : 30 March 1945
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Eric Clapton has worked on a total of 24 videos.

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artist videography
(24 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2001-jan [GUEST] Forever manSven Harding
2000-jun [GUEST] Riding with the KingMichael Haussman
1999-augBlue eyes blueLuke Scott
1998-junPilgrimLili Fini Zanuck
1998-aprMy father's eyesKevin Godley
1996-jul Change the worldPeter Nydrle
1994-octMotherless childDavid Cameron
1992-aug [GUEST] It's probably meRichard Donner & Bobby Woods
1992-aug [GUEST] Runaway trainDenise Thorne
1992-febTears in Heaven [version 2: unplugged]Beth McCarthy
1992-febLayla [unplugged]Milton Lage
1992-febRunning on faith [unplugged]Milton Lage
1991-decTears in Heaven [version 1: film]
1991-octWhite room [live]Gavin Taylor
1991-octWatch yourself
1991-octWonderful tonight [live]Gavin Taylor
1990-janBad love [live]Gavin Taylor
1989PretendingCaleb Deschanel
1988After midnightLarry Jordan
1986-novIt's in the way that you use itOley Sassone
1985-jul She's waiting [live]Jim Yukich
1985-marForever man Godley & Creme
1976-novFurther on up the road [live]Martin Scorsese

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