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Sarah McLachlan

Act type : female artist
Country : Canada

co-direct award nominee award winner Sarah McLachlan has worked on a total of 31 videos.

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artist videography
(31 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-feb [GUEST] Just like me
2005-mayWorld on fire [version 2]Paul Fedor
2004-octWorld on fire [version 1]Sophie Muller
2004-sepStupidSophie Muller
2003-octFallenPaul Fedor
1999-octIce cream [live]Sophie Muller
1999-julI will remember [version 2: live]Sophie Muller
1999-jun Possession [version 3: live]Sophie Muller
1999 [GUEST] The difficult kind [live]Bruce Gowers
1998-aprWater is wide
1998-marAdiaFrancis Lawrence
1998Angel [version 2: VH-1 Storytellers]
1998Angel [version 1]
1998Last dance
1997-oct Sweet surrenderFloria Sigismondi [uncredited]
1997-julBuilding a mysteryMatt Mahurin
1996-novUnchained melody
1995-octI will remember [version 1]
1994-julGood enoughKharen Hill
1994-jun Possession [version 2: USA / theatre]Julie Hermelin
1994-janHold on [version 2: trapeze]Tony Pantages
1994-janHold on [version 1: no alternative]Nick Gomez
1993-sep Possession [version 1: Canada / nude embrace]Sarah McLachlan
1992-janDrawn to the rhythmSarah McLachlan
1992Into the fire [version 2: USA / remix]Philip Kates
1991-octInto the fire [version 1: Canada]Philip Kates
1991-junPath of thorns (terms)Philip Kates
1989-decBen's songSarah McLachlan & David Kershaw & John Hautman
1989-sepSteamingDavid Hauka
1989-mayVox [version 2: USA / b&w]Michelle Mahrer
1988-decVox [version 1: Canada]Mark Jowett & Dermot Shane

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