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the Corrs

Act type : band
Country : Ireland

co-direct award nominee award winner the Corrs has worked on a total of 23 videos.

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artist videography
(23 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2004-decLong nightMark Davis
2004-sep AngelNigel Dick
2004-junSummer sunshine [version 2: white room]
2004-maySummer sunshine [version 1: crumbling house]Kevin Godley
2002-mayWhen the stars go blueHamish Hamilton
2002All the love in the world
2001-octWould you be happier?Dani Jacobs
2001-junUna noche / One nightNick Wickham
2001-marGive me a reasonNick Wickham
2000-octIrresistibleJoseph Kahn
2000-augBreathlessNigel Dick
2000Everybody hurts [unplugged]
1999-novRadio [unplugged]Nick Wickham
1999-febRunaway [version 2: Tin Tin Out remix]Dani Jacobs
1998-novSo young [remix]Dani Jacobs
1998-mayDreamsDani Jacobs
1998-marWhat can I do?Nigel Dick
1997-decI never loved you anywayDani Jacobs
1997-octOnly when I sleepNigel Dick
1996-sepLove to love you
1996-junForgiven, not forgottenMark Gerard
1996-febThe right time
1995-sepRunaway [version 1]Dani Jacobs

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