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the Weeknd
(1990- )

Act type : male artist
Real name : Abel Tesfaye
Born : 16 February 1990
Country : Canada

See also the Weeknd's technician credits.

Discography :

  • 2013: Kiss land
  • 2015: Beauty behind the madness
  • 2016: Starboy
  • 2018: My dear melancholy -- buy @ amazon

co-direct award nominee award winner the Weeknd has worked on a total of 31 videos.

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artist videography
(31 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-may [GUEST] What you wantColin Tilley
2018-apr Call out my name [version 2]Grant Singer
2018-marTry me
2018-marCall out my name [version 1: vertical]
2017-nov [GUEST] CurveDavid Helman
2017-jun SecretsPedro Martin-Calero
2017-jan Party monster BRTHR
2017I feel it comingWarren Fu
2017ReminderGlenn Michael
2016False alarmIlya Naishuller
2016StarboyGrant Singer
2015-dec In the night BRTHR
2015The hills [version 2: remix]Nabil Elderkin
2015Tell your friendsGrant Singer
2015Can't feel my faceGrant Singer
2015The hills [version 1]Grant Singer
2015Earned itSam Taylor-Wood
2014-sep [GUEST] Love me harderHannah Lux Davis
2014King of the fallGlenn Michael
2014OftenSam Pilling
2013-jul Belong to the worldAnthony Mandler
2013-feb Twenty eightNabil Elderkin
2013PrettySam Pilling
2013Live forSam Pilling
2013Kiss landAndrew Baird
2012-nov [GUEST] Remember youRyan Hope
2012-oct Wicked gamesAbel Tesfaye
2012The zoneAbel Tesfaye
2012Rolling stoneAbel Tesfaye
2012High for thisJeff Reyes
2012The knowingMikael Colombu

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