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Lenny Kravitz

Act type : male artist
Country : USA

Son of actress Roxie Roker (aka Helen Willis in The Jeffersons).

Discography :

  • 2018: Raise vibration

co-direct award nominee award winner Lenny Kravitz has worked on a total of 42 videos.

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artist videography
(42 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-jul LowJean-Baptiste Mondino
2015-may SexDikayl Rimmasch
2009 Let love rule [version 3: Justice remix]Keith Schofield
2004-novCalling all angelsPhilip Andelman & Lenny Kravitz
2004-novLadyPhilip Andelman
2004-octCaliforniaPhilip Andelman
2004-mayWhere are we runnin'?Philip Andelman
2004Storm [remix]Sanaa Hamri
2003-nov [GUEST] Show me your soulChris Robinson
2002-aug If I could fall in loveJonas Akerlund
2002-marBelieve in meMatthew Rolston
2002-janStillness of heartMark Seliger
2001-decDig inSamuel Bayer
2001-oct [GUEST] God gave me everything [version 1]Mark Romanek
2000-sepAgainPaul Hunter
2000-jan Black velveteenSamuel Bayer
1999-junAmerican womanPaul Hunter
1998-novFly awayPaul Hunter
1998-oct I belong to youMark Seliger & Fred Woodward
1998-augThinking of youMatthew Rolston
1998-apr If you can't say noMark Romanek
1996-febCan't get you off my mind [version 2]Jim Gable
1996-janCan't get you off my mind [version 1]Matthew Rolston
1996Circus [version 2: MTV Special]Martyn Atkins
1995-decCircus [version 1]Ruven Afanador
1995-sepRock 'n' roll is deadRuven Afanador
1994Spinning around over youDoug Nichol
1993-novIs there any love in your heart?Mark Romanek
1993-augHeaven helpPer Gustafson
1993-aprBelieveMichel Gondry
1993-feb Are you gonna go my way?Mark Romanek
1991-sepStand by my womanPaul Boyd
1991-mayIt ain't over til it's overJesse Dylan
1991-aprStop draggin' around [live]Peter Scammell
1991-marAlways on the runJesse Dylan
1991Mama saidJesse Dylan
1990-mayMr. CabdriverGeoffrey Barish
1990-janI built this garden for us
1989-octLet love rule [version 2]Jim Gable
1989BeJean-Baptiste Mondino
1988Let love rule [version 1]Lisa Bonet
 (title unknown)Lilakoi Moon

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