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Peter Gabriel
(1950- )

Act type : male artist
Born : 13 February 1950
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Peter Gabriel has worked on a total of 25 videos.

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artist videography
(25 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2003-marGrowing upFrançois Vogel
2002-sepThe Barry Williams ShowSean Penn
2001-aug [GUEST] When you're fallingAdam Berg
2000 [GUEST] Qui sait ?Gilbert Namiand
1993-octKiss that frogBrett Leonard
1993-aprBlood of EdenMichael Coulson & Nicholas Bruce
1993Come talk to meMatt Mahurin
1992-dec SteamStephen Johnson
1992-sep Diggin' in the dirtJohn Downer
1990-decShakin' the tree
1989-augZaarStefan Roloff
1989In your eyes [live]
1988 [GUEST] My secret placeAnton Corbijn
1987-novBiko [version 2: film] Godley & Creme
1987-julRed rainMatt Mahurin
1987-aprDon't give up [version 2]Jim Blashfield
1986-novDon't give up [version 1] Godley & Creme
1986-novBig timeStephen Johnson
1986-may SledgehammerStephen Johnson
1986Mercy StreetMatt Mahurin
1983-julSolsburry HillGraham Dean & Peter Gabriel & Jerry Chater
1982-sepShock the monkeyBrian Grant
1980-augBiko [version 1]
1980-febGames without frontiersDavid Mallet
1980I don't rememberMarcello Anciano

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