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Act type : female artist

co-direct award nominee award winner Thalia has worked on a total of 25 videos.

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artist videography
(25 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1998Amor a la Mexicana [version 1]Benny Corral
1998Amor a la Mexicana [version 2: remix]Jonathan Leannard
 AmoreE. Saada
2000ArrasandoSimon Brand
2003-augBaby, I'm in love Antti J
2000-aprBetween the sea and the starsSimon Brand
2004-janCerca de ti
 En la intimidadCarlos Somonte
2000Entre el mar y una estrella
2003-mayI want youDavid Meyers
1997Journey to the pastGustavo Garzon
1998Mujer latinaGustavo Garzon
2018-jun No me acuerdoDaniel Durán
2002-sep No me enseñaste Antti J
1995Piel morena
1998Por amor [remix]Gustavo Garzon
2001-sepReencarnaciónSimon Brand
2000Regresa a miSimon Brand
2006-janSeduccionDago González
2015-apr Sólo parecía amorHannah Lux Davis
2010-mar [GUEST] Somos el mundo 25 por Haiti
2013-mar Te perdiste mi amor
2002-aprTu y yo [version 1]Paul Hunter
2002-mayTu y yo [version 2] Antti J
2005-julYou know he never loved youJeb Brien

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