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Nate Dogg

Act type : male artist
Real name : Nathan Hale
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Nate Dogg has worked on a total of 25 videos.

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artist videography
(25 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-apr [GUEST] I need a lightKevin Hunter & Paul Hunter
2006-jan [GUEST] Have a partyBenny Boom
2006-jan [GUEST] Shake that Plates Animation
2005-dec [GUEST] Real soonAnthony Mandler
2005-sep [GUEST] Like thisBenny Boom
2005-aug [GUEST] Hush is comingFlyy Kai
2004-jul [GUEST] Time's upChris Robinson
2003-nov [GUEST] The setupBryan Barber
2002-oct [GUEST] MultiplyChris Robinson
2002-oct [GUEST] The streetsChris Robinson
2001-decI got luv [version 2: remix]Chris Robinson
2001-decI got luv [version 1]Chris Robinson
2001-aug [GUEST] Can't deny it Little X
2001-jul [GUEST] Area codesMarc Klasfeld
2001-feb [GUEST] Lay lowHype Williams
2000-dec [GUEST] Behind the wallsGregory Dark
2000-nov [GUEST] Where I wanna beMarc Klasfeld
2000-nov [GUEST] Oh noJeff Richter
2000-mar [GUEST] Game don't waitMark Gerard
1999-sep [GUEST] Bitch, please Dr. Dre & Phillip Atwell
1997-octThese daysG. Thomas Ferguson
1996-octNever leave me alone
1994-jul [GUEST] RegulateCameron Casey
  [GUEST] Never leave me aloneKevin Swain
 Nobody does it betterAaron Courseault

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