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Alicia Keys
(1981- )

Act type : female artist
Birth name : Alicia Augello Cook
Born : 25 January 1981
Country : USA

Married to Swizz Beatz.

See also Alicia Keys's technician credits.

co-direct award nominee award winner Alicia Keys has worked on a total of 20 videos.

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artist videography
(20 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2013-jun Tears always winRobert Hales
2013-apr Fire we makeChris Robinson
2012-dec Brand new meDiane Martel
2012-oct Girl on fireSophie Muller
2006-jul [GUEST] Ghetto story [version 2: remix]Sanaa Hamri
2005-decEvery little bit hurtsJustin Francis
2005-octUnbreakable [version 2]Justin Francis
2005-sepUnbreakable [version 1: unplugged]Alex Coletti
2005-febKarmaChris Robinson & Alicia Keys
2004-sep [GUEST] My booChris Robinson & Usher
2004-julDiaryLamont Burrell
2004-apr If I ain't got youDiane Martel
2003-decYou don't know my nameChris Robinson
2002-novGirlfriendPatrick Hoelck
2002-jul [GUEST] Gangsta lovin' Little X
2002-apr How come you don't call me? Little X
2002-jan [GUEST] Brotha (part II)
2001-dec A woman's worthChris Robinson
2001-nov [GUEST] What's going on? [version 2: concept]Jake Scott & Malik Sayeed
2001-may Fallin'Chris Robinson

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