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Act type : band
Country : UK

Discography :

  • 1986: Invisible touch
  • 1991: We can't dance
  • 1999: Turn it on again: the hits

co-direct award nominee award winner Genesis has worked on a total of 34 videos.

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artist videography
(34 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1999-nov The carpet crawlers 1999
1998-mar Not about usSean Broughton
1997-dec ShipwreckedGreg Masuak
1997-jul CongoHoward Greenhalgh
1993-febTell me whyJim Yukich
1992-novInvisible touch [version 2: live]
1992-julJesus he knows meJim Yukich
1992-apr Hold on my heartJim Yukich
1992-janI can't dance [version 1: concept]Jim Yukich
1992I can't dance [version 2: live]
1991-novNo son of mineJim Yukich
1987-julAnything she doesJim Yukich
1987-feb Tonight, tonight, tonightJim Yukich
1986-nov Land of confusionJohn Lloyd & Jim Yukich
1986-augThrowing it all awayJim Yukich
1986-julIn too deepJim Yukich
1986-aprInvisible touch [version 1: concept]Jim Yukich
1984-febIllegal alienStuart Orme
1983-nov That's allJim Yukich
1983-augMamaStuart Orme
1983Home by the sea / Second home by the seaJim Yukich
1982-junTurn it on again [version 2: live]
1982-febMan on the cornerStuart Orme
1981-octKeep it darkStuart Orme
1981-octNo reply at allStuart Orme
1981-augAbacabB. Rymer
1980-sepMisunderstandingStuart Orme
1980-mayDuchessStuart Orme
1980-marTurn it on again [version 1: concept]Stuart Orme
1978-junMany too manyKen O'Neill
1978-marFollow you follow meB. Rymer
1976-marA trick of the tailBruce Gowers
1976-marRipplesBruce Gowers
1976-febRobbery, assault and batteryBruce Gowers

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