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the Living End

co-direct award nominee award winner the Living End has worked on a total of 19 videos.

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artist videography
(19 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-jan Wake upSean Gilligan & Sarah-Jane Woulahan
2006 Long live the weekendSean Gilligan & Sarah-Jane Woulahan
2005-oct What's on your radio?Sean Gilligan & Sarah-Jane Woulahan
2004-febC'mon c'monMark Kohr
2004-janWho's gonna save us?Mark Kohr
2004 I can't give you what I haven't gotJason Tutty
2002-decOne said to the otherMorgan Evans
2001-octDirty manMorgan Evans
2001-janRoll on [version 2]Mark Hartley
2000-decRoll on [version 1]Marcos Siega
2000Pictures in the mirrorMark Hartley
1999-sepSecond solution [version 2: USA]Morgan Evans
1999-febPrisoner of societyJamie Stern
1999Dirty dog [version 2: USA / live]Ryan Renshaw
1999All torn down [version 2: USA / live]Ryan Renshaw
1998-junSecond solution [version 1: Australia]Morgan Evans
1998 Save the dayJoel Noble
 Dirty dog [version 1]
 All torn down [version 1]

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