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Act type : band
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Metallica has worked on a total of 35 videos.

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artist videography
(35 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2013-sep Master of puppets
2004-sepSome kind of monsterBruce Sinofsky
2003-dec The unnamed feelingthe Malloys
2003-sepFranticWayne Isham
2003-junSt. Angerthe Malloys
2000-mayI disappearWayne Isham
1999-novNo leaf cloverWayne Isham
1999-novHero of the day [version 2: live]Wayne Isham
1999-julDie, die, my darling [live]
1999-febWhiskey in the jarJonas Akerlund
1999Fuel [version 2: live]Wayne Isham
1998-oct Turn the pageJonas Akerlund
1998-mayFuel [version 1]Wayne Isham
1998-janThe Unforgiven IIMatt Mahurin
1997-nov The memory remainsPaul Andresen
1997-janKing NothingMatt Mahurin
1996-decMama saidAnton Corbijn
1996-augHero of the day [version 1]Anton Corbijn
1996-mayUntil it sleepsSamuel Bayer
1993-decEnter Sandman [version 3: live]Wayne Isham
1993-decFade to black [live]Michael Salomon
1993-decFor whom the bell tolls [live]Michael Salomon
1993-decThe thing that should be [live]Michael Salomon
1993-decThe Unforgiven [version 2: live]Wayne Isham
1993-decWelcome home (Sanitarium) [live]Wayne Isham
1993-decWhiplash [live]Wayne Isham
1992-novEnter Sandman [version 2]
1992-octSad but trueWayne Isham
1992-junWherever I may roamWayne Isham
1992-febNothing else mattersAdam Dubin
1991-nov The Unforgiven [version 1]Matt Mahurin
1991-augEnter Sandman [version 1]Wayne Isham
1989-janOneMichael Salomon & Bill Pope
 Creeping death
 Harvester of sorrow [live]

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