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Robert Palmer

Act type : male artist
Born : 19 January 1949
Died : 26 September 2003
Country : UK

co-direct award nominee award winner Robert Palmer has worked on a total of 27 videos.

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artist videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2002Addicted to love [version 2: remix]Paul Williams
1991-junDreams to rememberJohn Smith
1990-novI'll be your baby tonight
1989-augIt could happen to youJulian Caidan
1989-julTell me I'm not dreamingJulian Caidan
1989-mayChange his waysJulian Caidan
1989Casting a spellJohn Smith
1989She makes my dayJulian Caidan
1989Between usJulian Caidan
1988-octEarly in the morningJulian Caidan
1988-junSimply irresistibleTerence Donovan
1988-marSweet lies
1986-julI didn't mean to turn you onTerence Donovan
1986-feb Addicted to love [version 1]Terence Donovan
1986RiptideTerence Donovan
1985-nov Discipline of loveTed Bafaloukos
1985-jul All around the worldGary Gutierrez
1983-sep PrideDave Robinson
1983-aprYou are in my systemChris Springhall
1982-feb Some guys have all the luckJean-Pierre Berckmans
1980-novLooking for clues
1980-sep Johnny & MaryJean-Pierre Berckmans
1979-julBad case of lovin' you (doctor, doctor)
1978-marEvery kinda people
1976Man smart, woman smarter
1975Which of us is the fool?
1974Sneakin' Sally through the alley

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