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(1981- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1981
Country : USA

co-direct award nominee award winner Queensrˇche has worked on a total of 38 videos.

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artist videography
(38 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2006-mayThe handsRory Berger
2006-marI'm AmericanRory Berger
2000-mayThe right side of my mindRory Berger
1995-mayDisconnectedDavid Barnard
1995-janBridgeMatt Mahurin
1994-octI am IWayne Isham
1993Eyes of a stranger [version 3]
1993Another rainy night (without you) [version 2]Matt Mahurin
1992-febAnybody listening?Matt Murray
1992Della Brown [unplugged]Joel Gallen
1992I will remember [unplugged]Joel Gallen
1992Silent lucidity [version 2: live]Wayne Isham
1992Resistance [live]Wayne Isham
1992The thin line [live]Wayne Isham
1991-octAnother rainy night (without you) [version 1]Mary Lambert
1991-junJet City womanWayne Isham
1991-febBest I canMatt Mahurin
1991-febSilent lucidity [version 1]Matt Mahurin
1990-sepEmpireMatt Mahurin
1989-junI don't believe in love [version 2]Chris Painter
1989-febEyes of a stranger [version 1: megamix]Wayne Isham
1989Eyes of a stranger [version 2]Marc Reshovsky
1989Waiting for 22Chris Painter
1989Breaking the silenceChris Painter
1989SpeakChris Painter
1989Operation: MindcrimeChris Painter
1989Revolution callingChris Painter
1989Anarchy XChris Painter
1989I remember nowChris Painter
1988I don't believe in love [version 1]
1988Prophecy [live]Lindsey Clennell
1986-febGonna get close to youKort Falkenberg III
1986Walk in the shadows [live]Wayne Isham
1984-oct Take hold of the flameWayne Isham
1983The lady wore black [live]Wayne Isham
1983Queen of the ReichKort Falkenberg III

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