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Act type : band
Country : Canada

Discography :

  • 1989: Presto

co-direct award nominee award winner Rush has worked on a total of 50 videos.

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artist videography
(50 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1998Closer to the heart [version 5]Graeme Joyce
1996-decDrivenDale Heslip
1996-sepHalf the worldDale Heslip
1994-marNobody's hero
1993-octStick it outSamuel Bayer
1991-novWhere's my thing?
1991-augRoll the bonesChris Painter
1990-octMarathon [version 2]
1990-maySuperconductorGerald Casale
1990-mar The passMatt Mahurin
1989-novShow don't tell [version 2: concept]Doug Freel
1989-novShow don't tell [version 1: live]
1989-janMarathon [version 1]Larry Jordan
1989Mission [live]Larry Jordan
1987-dec Lock and keyTony van den Ende
1987-jul Time stand stillZbigniew Rybczynski
1986Manhattan Project
1985-oct The big moneyRob Quartly
1985 Mystic rhythmsGerald Casale
1984-decRed Sector A [live]David Mallet
1984-aug The enemy withinRocky Morton & Annabel Jankel
1984-aug Distant early warningDavid Mallet
1984-mayThe body electricRocky Morton & Annabel Jankel
1984-aprAfterimageTim Pope
1983-mayCountdown [version 1: official]Grant Lough
1983Countdown [version 2: unofficial]
1982-oct SubdivisionsGrant Lough
1982 Tom Sawyer [version 2: live]Martin Kahan
1981-marVital signsBruce Gowers
1981-feb Tom Sawyer [version 1: studio]Bruce Gowers
1981Red Barchetta [live]Martin Kahan
1981Limelight [version 2: live]Martin Kahan
1981Limelight [version 1: studio]Bruce Gowers
1980Freewill [live]Martin Kahan
1979The temples of Syrinx
1978La Villa Strangiato
1978The trees
1978 Circumstances
1977A farewell to kings
1977Closer to the heart [version 4]
1977Closer to the heart [version 3]
1977Closer to the heart [version 2]
1977Closer to the heart [version 1]
1975 Fly by night
1974Best I can [live]
1974Finding my way [live]
1974In the mood [live]

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