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Act type : male artist
Full name : Beck Hansen
Country : USA

Discography :

Beck on the Web :

co-direct award nominee award winner Beck has worked on a total of 38 videos.

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artist videography
(38 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-mar ColorsEdgar Wright
2018-jan Fix meBrook Linder
2017-sep Up all night CANADA
2009 [GUEST] Heaven can waitKeith Schofield
2006-nov Nausea [version 5: puppets]Keith Megna
2006-novCell phone's dead [version 2: b&w]Michel Gondry
2006-octNausea [version 3: fake reality]Patrick Daughters
2006-oct Nausea [version 2: squirrel]
2006-oct Nausea [version 4: negative effects]Nigel Godrich & Autumn DeWilde & Beck Hansen
2006-sepCell phone's dead [version 1]
2006-aug Nausea [version 1: skateboarding]Brian Lotti & the Malloys
2006-marGirl [version 2: Paza remix] Wyld File
2005-novHell yes [version 2: robots]Garth Jennings
2005-oct [GUEST] Do they know it's Hallowe'en? D.A.D.D.Y.
2005-julShe still believes
2005-junGirl [version 1] Motion Theory
2005-aprGameboy / homeboy (Que onda Guero) E*Rock & Paper Rad
2005-febHell yes [version 1] Mumbleboy
2005-feb E-pro Shynola
2005-febBlack tamborineAdam Levite
2004Lonesome tearsGarth Jennings
2003-mayLost cause [version 3: live]Niels Alpert
2003-aprLost cause [version 2]Michael Palmieri
2003-marLost cause [version 1]Garth Jennings
2002-sepGuess I'm doin' fineSpike Jonze
2002Little oneMichael Palmieri
2000-julNicotine & gravy Fullerene
2000-febMixed biznessStéphane Sednaoui
1999-novSexxlawsBeck Hansen
1997-oct DeadweightMichel Gondry
1997-julJack-assSteven Hanft
1997-febThe new pollutionBeck Hansen
1996-oct Devil's haircutMark Romanek
1996-junWhere it's atSteven Hanft
1994-junBeercanSteven Hanft
1994-marLoserSteven Hanft
1994 Pay no mind (snoozer)Steven Hanft

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