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Bee Gees

Act type : band
Country : Australia

co-direct award nominee award winner Bee Gees has worked on a total of 32 videos.

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artist videography
(32 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
1997-mar Alone [version 1: floating woman]Nick Egan
1997-apr Alone [version 2: making of]
1988-feb Angela
1990-mar Bodyguard
1987-dec E.S.P.
1994-jan For whom the bell tollsGreg Masuak
1968 Harry Braff
1981-sepHe's a liarMartin Pitts
1977-sep How deep is your love?Bruce Gowers
1994-apr How to fall in love - part 1Greg Masuak
1968-aug I've gotta get a message to you
1997 [GUEST] Immortality [version 1: studio]Floyd Lochmus
1998-jul [GUEST] Immortality [version 2: concept]Randee St.Nicholas
1994-apr Kiss of lifeGreg Masuak
1981-nov Living eyesMartin Pitts
 More than a woman
1967-apr New York mining disaster 1941
1967-nov(The night the lights went out in) Massachussetts
1997-decOne night onlyMichael A. Simon
1989-sep One
1989-apr Ordinary livesLeslie Libman
1993-aug Paying the price of loveAndy Delaney & Monty Whitebloom
1991-mar Secret love
1977-dec Stayin' aliveBruce Gowers
1997-oct Still waters (run deep)
1967-julTo love somebody
1978-nov Too much HeavenMartin Pitts
1991-apr When he's gone
1983-may The woman in youBrian Grant
1987-sep You win againLeslie Libman

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