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(1976- )

Act type : band
Formed : 1976
Country : Ireland

Discography :

  • 2014: Songs of innocence
  • 2017: Songs of experience

co-direct award nominee award winner U2 has worked on a total of 102 videos.

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artist videography
(102 videos)

AiredVideo titlesDirectors
2018-jul Love is bigger than anything in its way [version 2: animated] Broken Fingaz Crew
2018-apr Love is bigger than anything in its way [version 1: live action]David Mushegain
2018-mar American soulAlex Coletti
2018-jan Get out of your own way Broken Fingaz Crew
2017-nov The blackoutRichie Smyth
2017-sep You're the best thing about meJonas Akerlund
2015-aug Song for someone [version 2]Matt Mahurin
2015-jul Song for someone [version 1]Vince Haycock
2015-feb Every breaking waveAoife McArdle
2014-oct The miracle (of Joey Ramone)
2014-feb InvisibleMark Romanek
2006-decWindow in the skies
2006-novThe saints are comingChris Milk
2006-mar [GUEST] OnePaul Hunter
2005-decOriginal of the speciesCatherine Owens
2005-novAll because of you [version 2: live]Hamish Hamilton
2005-jun City of blinding lights Alex & Martin
2005-febSometimes you can't make it on your ownPhil Joanou
2005-janAll because of you [version 1]Phil Joanou
2004-novVertigo Alex & Martin
2004-apr [GUEST] Take me to the clouds above
2002-decThe hands that built America [version 2]Maurice Linnane
2002-decUntil the end of the world [version 2]Kevin Godley
2002-decBeautiful day [version 2: Eze]Jonas Akerlund
2002-decThe history mixMaurice Linnane
2002-sepElectrical stormAnton Corbijn
2002-junThe hands that built America [version 1]Gareth O'Neil
2001-oct Walk on [version 3: 9/11 tribute]
2001-sep Stuck in a moment you can't get out of [version 2: USA]Joseph Kahn
2001-aprElevationJoseph Kahn
2001-mar Walk on [version 2]Liz Friedlander
2001-jan Stuck in a moment you can't get out of [version 1]Kevin Godley
2000-nov Walk on [version 1]Jonas Akerlund
2000-sepBeautiful day [version 1: airport]Jonas Akerlund
2000-janThe ground beneath her feetWim Wenders
1998-oct The sweetest thingKevin Godley
1998GoneDavid Mallet
1998Mofo [version 2: live]Julia Knowles
1997-decMofo [version 1: phunk force mix]Maurice Linnane
1997-decIf God will send his angelsPhil Joanou
1997-oct Please [version 2: live mural mix]Maurice Linnane
1997-oct Please [version 1: concept]Anton Corbijn
1997-augLast night on Earth [version 2: first night in Hell mix]John Bland
1997-julLast night on Earth [version 1]Richie Smyth
1997-apr Staring at the Sun [version 2: Miami]Morleigh Steinberg
1997-marStaring at the Sun [version 1]Jake Scott
1997-feb Discotheque [version 2: Steve Osbourne remix]John Bland
1997-feb Discotheque [version 1]Stéphane Sednaoui
1995-junHold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill meKevin Godley & Maurice Linnane
1993-decStay (faraway, so close)Wim Wenders
1993-sepLemon [version 1]Mark Neale
1993-julLove is blindnessMatt Mahurin
1993-julNumb [version 2: remix] EBN
1993-julNumb [version 1]Kevin Godley
1993Lemon [version 2]Kevin Godley
1993Who's gonna ride your wild horses? [version 2]Meiert Avis
1992-novWho's gonna ride your wild horses? [version 1]Phil Joanou
1992-sepBullet the blue sky [live]Maurice Linnane
1992-julEven better than the real thing [version 3: dance mix]Richie Smyth
1992-junEven better than the real thing [version 2: collage]Armando Gallo
1992-junEven better than the real thing [version 1]Kevin Godley
1992-marOne [version 3: bar]Phil Joanou
1992-febOne [version 2: buffaloes]Mark Pellington
1992-febOne [version 1: b&w / drag]Anton Corbijn
1991-novUntil the end of the world [version 1]Richie Smyth
1991-novMysterious waysStéphane Sednaoui
1991-novThe flyRichie Smyth & Jon Klein
1990-novNight and dayWim Wenders
1989-decAll along the watchtower [live]Richard Lowenstein
1989-novHawkmoon 269 [live]Richard Lowenstein
1989-novGod - part II [live]Richard Lowenstein
1989-junAll I want is youMeiert Avis
1989-aprWhen love comes to town [version 1]Phil Joanou
1989When love comes to town [version 2: live at the Yankee Stadium]Maurice Linnane
1989Desire [version 2: live at the Yankee Stadium]Maurice Linnane
1988-decAngel of HarlemRichard Lowenstein
1988-octDesire [version 1]Richard Lowenstein & Lynn-Maree Milburn
1987-decOne Tree HillPhil Joanou
1987-dec It's Christmas (baby please come home)Phil Joanou
1987-decIn God's countryBarry Devlin
1987-novBad [version 2]Phil Joanou
1987-sep Where the streets have no nameMeiert Avis
1987-junI still haven't found what I'm looking forBarry Devlin
1987-aprSpanish eyesBarry Devlin
1987-mar With or without you [version 1]Meiert Avis
1987-febRed Hill mining townNeil Jordan
1987With or without you [version 2: Verona]Maurice Linnane
1985-mayThe unforgettable fireMeiert Avis
1984-novBad [version 1]Barry Devlin
1984-octA sort of homecomingBarry Devlin
1984-aug Pride (in the name of love) [version 3: faces]Anton Corbijn
1984-jul Pride (in the name of love) [version 2: Slane Castle]Barry Devlin
1984-jul Pride (in the name of love) [version 1: b&w]Donald Cammell
1984-janI will follow [version 3: live in New York]
1983-junSunday bloody SundayGavin Taylor
1983-aprTwo hearts beat as oneMeiert Avis
1983-janNew Year's DayMeiert Avis
198311 o'clock tick tock [live]Gavin Taylor
1982-aprA celebrationMeiert Avis
1982I will follow [version 2: live in London]Jill Sinclair
1981-octGloriaMeiert Avis
1980-sepI will follow [version 1: studio]Meiert Avis

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