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John Madsen

Profession : producer
Gender : male

co-direct award nominee award winner John Madsen has worked on a total of 40 videos.
Credits believed to be complete as of April 22, 2005.
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producer videography
(40 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2018-nov Free yourselfthe Chemical Brothers Dom & Nic
2005-marBelievethe Chemical Brothers Dom & Nic
2004-junKiss of lifeSupergrass Dom & Nic
2004-aprMass destructionFaithless Dom & Nic
2003-augRush hour soulSupergrass Dom & Nic
2002-augGraceSupergrass Dom & Nic
2002-marThe testthe Chemical Brothers, feat. Richard Ashcroft Dom & Nic
2001-mayWe come oneFaithless Dom & Nic
2000The pretty things are going to HellDavid Bowie Dom & Nic
1999-sepShe's the oneRobbie Williams Dom & Nic
1999-mayHey boy, hey girlthe Chemical Brothers Dom & Nic
1999-marWord up [version 1: UK]Melanie G Wiz
1999Small changeLodger Dom & Nic
1998-decWar of nervesAll Saints Wiz
1998-may Ava Adore the Smashing Pumpkins Dom & Nic
1998-aprHeroesthe Wallflowers Dom & Nic
1997-octI'm afraid of Americans [remix] David Bowie & Trent Reznor Dom & Nic
1997-octLate in the daySupergrass Dom & Nic
1997-julD'you know what I mean?Oasis Dom & Nic
1997-mayCheapskateSupergrass Dom & Nic
1997-aprTaxlossMansunRoman Coppola
1997-apr Block rockin' beatsthe Chemical Brothers Dom & Nic
1997-marSun hits the skySupergrass Dom & Nic
1997-marRichard IIISupergrass Dom & Nic
1997-janCome back brighterReef Dom & Nic
1996-oct Setting Sunthe Chemical Brothers, feat. Noel Gallagher Dom & Nic
1996-augSavedOctopus Dom & Nic
1996-augMarblehead Johnsonthe Bluetones Dom & Nic
1996-maySale of the centurySleeper Dom & Nic
1996-febGoing outSupergrass Dom & Nic
1996Lucy's factorythe Mystics Dom & Nic
1995-novThe tuneSuggs Dom & Nic
1995-octBluetonicthe Bluetones Dom & Nic
1995-julTimeSupergrass Dom & Nic
1995-julAlrightSupergrass Dom & Nic
1995-mayLennySupergrass Dom & Nic
1995Who's that girl?the Mystics Dom & Nic
1994-octMansize roosterSupergrass Dom & Nic
1994-augCaught by the fuzzSupergrass Dom & Nic
 See youthe Mystics Dom & Nic

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