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Margaret Malandruccolo

Profession : director
Gender : female

Currently signed to Stray Dog Film (USA) and The Field (Canada).

Previously worked with Buck Productions, Inc. (USA), rev-o-lution pictures (USA), Blink Pictures (Canada).

Margaret Malandruccolo on the Web :

co-direct award nominee award winner Margaret Malandruccolo has worked on a total of 47 videos.
Credits believed to be complete as of May 31, 2006.
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director videography
(47 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2012-sep TestifyAlan Doyle, feat. Colin James
2012-feb Fire it upJohnny Reid
2006-sepPut me onSwollen Members, feat. Everlast
2006-marTwist my hairthe Divine Brown
2006-marWhole lotta historyGirls Aloud
2006-marFar from goodBrian Byrne
2006House of goldAndy Stochansky
2005-decIt's okay to cryAmanda Wilkinson
2005-octShe ain't missin' missin' meJason McCoy
2005-octOne good friendGeorge Canyon
2005-aprLove will save the dayDavid Usher
2005-augEast bound and downRoad Hammers
2005-mayThe talkin' song repair bluesAlan Jackson
2005-marHomeless heartAmanda Stott
2005-marI'm a road hammerRoad Hammers, feat. Jason McCoy
2005-janDress rehearsalCarolyn Dawn Johnson
2005Papa come quickthe Wilkinsons
2005Fast carthe Wilkinsons
2004-sepWhaler's lullabySusan Aglukark
2004-julButterflyJimmy Rankin
2004-julYou still own meJohnny Reid
2004-mayI feel a sin comin' onJason McCoy
2004-marCalifornia dreamerJimmy Rankin
2004-febChasing rainLeahy
2004Love comes againDJ TiŽsto, feat. BT
2004Just beDJ TiŽsto
2003-octStillJason McCoy
2003-julWalk a little straighterBilly Currington
2003-mayThe back of your handDwight Yoakam
2002-aprI'd never walk awayEnnis Sisters
2002-marThe finest kindStephen Fearing
2001Another dayMolly Johnson
2000I triedJeff Healey
2000(title unknown)Monia
2000What a dragKim Bingham
1999Such a crimeTory Casis
1999SunriseTory Casis
1999I will hold onMoxy FrŁvous
1999Sad girlMoxy FrŁvous
1998UglyShonna Brown
1997-junThe age of dayCodex
1997-febDear readerLowa Kay
1996-sepThe heartacheLawnie Wallace
1995Witch DoctorArmand Van Helden
1995One more dayWine Bible
1994JudasWine Bible

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cinematographer videography
(6 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1999SunriseTory CasisMargaret Malandruccolo
1997-junThe age of dayCodexMargaret Malandruccolo
1996-sepThe heartacheLawnie WallaceMargaret Malandruccolo
1996-augSmileSuperGARAGEMargaret Malandruccolo
1995One more dayWine BibleMargaret Malandruccolo
1994JudasWine BibleMargaret Malandruccolo

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