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Richard Bell
[cinematographer][director][producer][video commissioner]

Profession : director / producer
Gender : male

Currently signed to Shuriken (New Zealand).

Previously worked with The State (UK).

co-direct award nominee award winner Richard Bell has worked on a total of 55 videos.

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cinematographer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2017-aug Hot messGirliVasilisa Forbes

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director videography
(42 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2006-marEnd of the worldShocking Pinks
2006-aprWhat I hadStarlett
2005-novWestLucid 3
2004-novFear of heightsFalter
2004-novCentre of meEight
2004-sepPitch jumpingLucid 3
2004-octInterstate boyPan Am
2004-julLet me die a womanthe Phoenix Foundation
2004-junSong 1Pan Am
2004-junAM radioLucid 3
2004-aprGone fishingthe Phoenix Foundation
2003-sepWe kissedCarly Binding
2002-novLife will be the sameBetchadupa
2001-novLovely head [version 3]Goldfrapp
2001-augA gentle cycle revolutionAppliance
1989Biting my nails [version 1]Renegade Soundwave
1989Space gladiatorRenegade Soundwave
 Oh yeah Can
 But you sayAmple Cleavage
 Something goodFang
 AnytimeDamien Binder
 Sometimes stonesTommy
 She walks awayVenetic
 Dancehall state of mindDubwize
 I hear your nameGasoline Cowboy
 Can't help itFang
 Don't go losingthe Bads
 No way to decideEight
 Cigars in the suitcasePan Am
 Days on endPine
 When you callDetour 180
 Nothing can waitOp Shop
 Man from the SouthFang
 In my pocketMinisnap
 All the time in the worldGramsci
 Second hand girlShocking Pinks

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producer videography
(12 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2002-sepElectrical stormU2Anton Corbijn
2000-decIn the SunJoseph ArthurAnton Corbijn
2000-octUtopiaGoldfrappAlan Smithee
2000-junLovely head [version 1]GoldfrappWolfgang Tillmans
1999-mayOpus 40 [version 1]Mercury RevAnton Corbijn
1998-novGoddess on a hiway [version 2: cops]Mercury RevAnton Corbijn
1997-oct Please [version 1: concept]U2Anton Corbijn
1994-may Delia's goneJohnny CashAnton Corbijn
1992-augDo I have to say the words?Bryan AdamsAnton Corbijn
1992-febOne [version 1: b&w / drag]U2Anton Corbijn
1990-oct Tragedy (for you)Front 242Anton Corbijn
1987-mayVictim of loveErasurePeter Scammell

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video commissioner videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2000-junLovely head [version 1]GoldfrappWolfgang Tillmans

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