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Tim Broad

Profession : director
Gender : male

co-direct award nominee award winner Tim Broad has worked on a total of 27 videos.

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director videography
(27 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1992-julYou're the one for me, FattyMorrissey
1992-aprWe hate it when our friends become successfulMorrissey
1991-sepMy love lifeMorrissey
1991-julPregnant for the last timeMorrissey
1991-aprSing your lifeMorrissey
1990-aprNovember spawned a monsterMorrissey
1989-novOuija board, Ouija boardMorrissey
1989-aprOnly the momentMarc Almond
1989-aprNobody knowsMike + the Mechanics
1989-aprInteresting drugMorrissey
1989-febThe last of the famous international playboysMorrissey
1989-jan The living yearsMike + the Mechanics
1989-janSister, I'm a poet [live]Morrissey
1988-sepCharlotte AnneJulian Cope
1988-augTears run rings [version 1]Marc Almond
1988-aug(title unknown)the Primitives
1988-junEvery day is like SundayMorrissey
1987-novI started something I couldn't finishthe Smiths
1987-augGirlfriend in a comathe Smiths
1987-aprApril skiesthe Jesus & Mary Chain
1987Stop me if you think you've heard this one beforethe Smiths
1986-junSome candy talkingthe Jesus & Mary Chain
1985-sep Just like honeythe Jesus & Mary Chain
1985-sep StopData
1985-may You trip me upthe Jesus & Mary Chain
1985-febNever understandthe Jesus & Mary Chain

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