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Phil Harder
[director][cinematographer][editor][producer][art director]

Profession : director
Gender : male

Currently signed to Bob Industries (USA).

Previously worked with Harder/Fuller Films (USA), Merge @ Crossroads (USA).

co-direct award nominee award winner Phil Harder has worked on a total of 144 videos.

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director videography
(144 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2012-nov Six degrees of separationthe Script
2005-decEver the sameRob Thomas
2005-novBeat of my heartHilary Duff
2005-sepEverything to meLiz Phair
2005-febBe the girlAslyn
2004-novBreakin'the Music
2004-augOnly oneYellowcard
2004-febTesting 1, 2, 3Barenaked Ladies
2003-octAnother postcardBarenaked Ladies
2003-mayWhy can't I?Liz Phair
2002-octDiseaseMatchbox Twenty
2002-marHalf lifeLocal H
2001-decSave meRemy Zero
2001-sepThe treesPulp
2001-sepWish you were here Incubus
2001-marMad season Matchbox Twenty
2001-janToo little too lateBarenaked Ladies
2001Sour grapesHoneydogs
2000-aug Pinch meBarenaked Ladies
2000-julNext yearFoo Fighters
2000-jun StellarIncubus
2000Red, white and grayTarget, feat. Macy Gray
1999-octGet in lineBarenaked Ladies
1999-sepJust my imaginationthe Cranberries
1999Level on the insideDovetail Joint
1999Far awayChantal Kreviazuk
1998-sep All the kids are rightLocal H
1998-maySleep on the left sideCornershop
1998-sepCigarettes will kill you [version 1: Australia]Ben Lee
1998Lights are changingMary Lou Lord
1998Yeah youVersus
1998Heaven sentEsthero
1998The world I know [country livin' version]Goodie Mob & Esthero
1997-decThe bright lightTanya Donelly
1997-novI doLisa Loeb
1997-augCirclesong 6Bobby McFerrin
1997-augBrimful of Asha [version 1]Cornershop
1997-junRudderBettie Serveert
1997-junEddie VedderLocal H
1997-marRed HouseShudder to Think
1997-mar Fritz's cornerLocal H
1996-novOver the oceanLow
1996-octStuck on you Failure
1996All mixed upRed House Painters
1996Like boneStigmata a Go Go
1996RiotkeeperStigmata a Go Go
1996Vulgar appetitethe Goops
1996Comin' homeHum
1995DrownSon Volt
1995Sweet 69 Babes in Toyland
1995Juvenile scene detectiveCompulsion
1995Question time for the prolesCompulsion
1995Fifth fretthe Connells
1994-febJack names the planetsAsh
1994Tell tomorrowMercy Rule
1994Old empireNova Mob
1994Cooking dirtVenison
1993-sepDebonairAfghan Whigs
1993Audrey's eyesVelocity Girl
1993Gentlemen [version 1]Afghan Whigs
1993He's my thing [version 2: 1993]Babes in Toyland
1993Angel on the rangeChainsaw Kittens
1992-decNo Christmasthe Wedding Present
1992-augBoing!the Wedding Present
1992-marConjure meAfghan Whigs
1992-marConnie, I've found the doorChainsaw Kittens
1992-janBlue eyesthe Wedding Present
1992Just look aroundSick of it All
1992It's not alrightBoneclub
1992Crying bludBilly Childish & the Blackhands
1992The chant of the ever circling skeletal familythe Wedding Present
1992Come see about meAfghan Whigs
1992High and lowFat Tuesday
1991Hello or goodbyeMagnolias
1991When I'm notMagnolias
1991King's highwayJoe Henry
1991StillAnother Carnival
1991Mind and bodyDrophammer
1991Turn on the waterAfghan Whigs
1991Walking the cowFirehouse
1990Black riverBig Trouble House
1990Tom takes toilets to TinseltownChicken Scratch
1990John hangingJoe Henry
1990Slop my donkeyKise
1990GodzillaLibido Boyz
1990It's tomorrowOverwhelming Colorfast
1990Rain on meAnother Carnival
1990More noise pleaseSteven Jesse Bernstein
1990Miles iz dedAfghan Whigs
1990He's my thing [version 1: 1990] Babes in Toyland
1990Drive it offBig Chief
1990The ballad of Ridge Street [version 1: New York]Brenda Kahn
1990The ballad of Ridge Street [version 2: MPLS]Brenda Kahn
1990If red were blue Brenda Kahn
1990Eggs on drugsBrenda Kahn
1989Forget me notAgitpop
1989I don't mindJunk Monkeys
1989UntertoeChicken Scratch
1989One pass awayPoopshovel
1989Two sisters (love all around them)Arson Garden
1989Sister, brotherAfghan Whigs
1988Pardon meMagnolias
1988P-9 Soul Asylum
1988Girl but not a friendAgitpop
1988Stop, drop and rollAgitpop
1988Evil last nightBreaking Circus
1988Three cool catsBreaking Circus
1988ShockhammerBreaking Circus
1988Hated ChineeRapeman
1988Ride, ride, rideShane
1987Big moneyBig Black
1987CablesBig Black
1987L DopaBig Black
1987Pigeon killBig Black
1987Dead BillyBig Black
1987Don't you go lie to meBig Trouble House
1987House getting near the endBig Trouble House
1987Get that gun way from meBig Trouble House
1987Turn on the newsBig Trouble House
1987Union Feed Grain MillBig Trouble House
1987Worst enemyBig Trouble House
1987No ones' knowing betterBig Trouble House
1987MeltdownBig Trouble House
1987Rules stateBig Trouble House
1987Bad ass hammerBlack Spot
1987Max WedgeDidgits
1987Vanilla blueNaked Raygun
1986Stereo sanctitySonic Youth
1986Burn 'em upRifle Sport
1985King of kingsJayhawks

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cinematographer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2005-marMonkeyLowPhil Harder

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editor videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
2000-aug Pinch meBarenaked LadiesPhilip Harder

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producer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1992-marConnie, I've found the doorChainsaw KittensPhilip Harder

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art director videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1990He's my thing [version 1: 1990]Babes in ToylandPhil Harder & Mike Etoll

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