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Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Profession : director
Gender : male

Currently signed to City Lights Productions ().

co-direct award nominee award winner Michael Lindsay-Hogg has worked on a total of 39 videos.

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director videography
(39 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
1996-decPaperback writer [version 3]the Beatles
1984-jun 5:06 AM (every stranger's eye)Roger Waters
1982-octAfter the gold rushNeil Young
1982-octHey hey, my myNeil Young
1982-sepSample & hold [live]Neil Young
1982-marHang firethe Rolling Stones
1981-augStart me up [version 1]the Rolling Stones
1981-julWaiting on a friendthe Rolling Stones
1981Neighboursthe Rolling Stones
1981Worried about youthe Rolling Stones
1979-aprDance awayRoxy Music
1979-marTrashRoxy Music
1978-sepRespectablethe Rolling Stones
1978-junFar away eyesthe Rolling Stones
1978-mayMiss you [version 1]the Rolling Stones
1978-aprEgoElton John
1976Crazy mamathe Rolling Stones
1974-sepAin't too proud to begthe Rolling Stones
1974-augIt's only rock 'n' roll (but I like it)the Rolling Stones
1974Till the next goodbyethe Rolling Stones
1974Fingerprint filethe Rolling Stones
1973-sep Angiethe Rolling Stones
1973-julDoo doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker)the Rolling Stones
1973-janRelaythe Who
1973Dancing with Mr. Dthe Rolling Stones
1973Silver trainthe Rolling Stones
1970-mar Let it bethe Beatles
1969Paint it blackthe Rolling Stones
1968-decA quick one (while he's away)the Who
1968-mayJumpin' Jack Flashthe Rolling Stones
1968-sep Revolution [version 1: performance]the Beatles
1968-sep Hey Jude [version 1: performance]the Beatles
1968Child of the Moonthe Rolling Stones
19672000 light years from homethe Rolling Stones
1966-decHappy Jackthe Who
1966-junPaperback writer [version 1]the Beatles
1966Rainthe Beatles
1965-julAnyway, anyhow, anywhere [version 0]the Who
 Ain't that so?Roxy Music

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producer videography
(1 video)

AiredVideo titlesArtistsDirectors
1984-jun 5:06 AM (every stranger's eye)Roger WatersMichael Lindsay-Hogg

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