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Stephano Barberis

Profession : director
Gender : male

Currently signed to Arkadia Pictures (Canada) and The Field (Canada).

Previously worked with Triton Films (Canada).

co-direct award nominee award winner Stephano Barberis has worked on a total of 68 videos.

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director videography
(68 videos)

AiredVideo titlesArtists
2008-jan New frontierAaron Pritchett
2006-sepWhat I can't forgetJason Blaine
2006-sepWarm safe placeAaron Pritchett
2006-sepI got itRosette
2006-julLast minuteAnything August
2006-aprHold my beerAaron Pritchett
2006-aprUh ohRosette
2006-marWhile we were waitingJason Blaine
2006-febTime fliesJohnny Reid
2005-augStill got yesterdayEmerson Drive
2005-augInsanethe Heck
2005-julHeartache like mineJason Blaine
2005-julNot todayMaren Ord
2005-junLoad me upthe Cruzeros
2005-aprLucky for meAaron Pritchett
2005-aprJet black heartBritt Black
2005-febIf you were my girlEmerson Drive
2005SomebodyLisa Hewitt
2004-octJohn Roland WoodAaron Pritchett
2004-sepNovemberEmerson Drive
2004-junWildflowerLisa Brokop
2004-febMy wayAaron Pritchett
2004Any given dayMudmen
2004BelieveJames Alex Murdoch
2004Wish I never met youState of Shock
2004Laura Kensingtonthe Rude Mechanicals
2004Life is a trainMaren Ord
2004If I couldState of Shock
2004We fall, we fall [version 1]Dead Celebrity Status
2004Control theoryNorthern Alliance
2004Hey do you know me?Lisa Brokop
2004It's not me it's youTodd Kerns
2003-sepNew frontierAaron Pritchett
2003-junThe show is freeDoc Walker
2003-mayYou can'tDean Tuftin
2003-mar FreeBrad Johner
2003Make you mineTwo Marlowe
2002-nov You can't say that I didn't love youAaron Pritchett
2002-sepI'll do anythingRick Tippe
2002-aprSingin' a different tuneRick Tippe
2002Mullet haloBionika
2002Sweet Fanny AnniePanurge
2002A lot to learnJohn Mann
2002You lied to meTwo Marlowe
2001WaitingMonica Schroeder
2001The future is looking brighterRick Tippe
2001Ring-a-dingthe Masterfaders
2000Contradictionsthe Masterfaders
2000Settle for a danceVince Roy
2000Disappearthe Masterfaders
2000Don't let her inKenny Hess
2000Mr. FixitVince Roy
2000Make lemonadeHampton Avenue
2000Keeping the faithRick Tippe
2000Turn my backK-Rec
1999Triple threatRick Tippe
1999Shiver 'n' shakeRick Tippe
1999Lately I don't careTim Lawson
1999How would I know?Shirley Lange
1999I don't love easilyBrent McAthey
1999More where that came fromRick Tippe
1998Never givin' upRick Tippe
1997Get hot or go homeRick Tippe

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